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Is it the fear to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine justified?

Is it the fear to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine justified?
AstraZeneca vaccine fear is a biomedical and bioethical issue of great topicality and importance The repeated broadcasting through the Mass Media and social networks about the thromboembolic events suffered by people that have been vaccinated...Therefore, we consider that reflecting… Read more

COVID 19 and pregnancy. The latest scientific evidence of the effect of vaccination in the woman and the child

More studies are needed about COVID 19 and pregnancy. "The best solution might be to abstain from sexual intercourse for about 20 days after vaccination." Introduction One question that many couples ask is whether vaccination against COVID-19 could in any way affect a woman and her embryos or fetuses…Read more
COVID 19 and pregnancy


More investment in vaccines production would accelerate the rate of vaccination and reduce huge economic losses

A recent article published in Science in the section COVID-19: Economics, last March 12 evaluates the global economical losses caused by the pandemic and proposes a solution to reduce them. The article reviews the current economic crisis and the future losses caused by the pandemic. Each month, COVID-19 kills… Read more
investment in vaccines production

The reproduction process outside women's wombs

The reproduction process outside women's wombs
"It may sound far-fetched, but a breakthrough in Israel has brought us a step closer to creating artificial wombs for humans" In life sciences, one of the medical and bioethical topics of major interest is pregnancy and its implications: unwanted pregnancies, female and male fertility, abortion, preterm children, etc. Some of these issues frequently present objective bioethical problems that we …

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Ageism. "Older people found themselves cruelly abandoned"

The term ageism is defined as “unfair treatment of people who are becoming old or who are old”. From a bioethical point of view, this definition is an excellent interpretation of ageism - it is not only the old who face discrimination but the explanation also includes the fluid term becoming old, which adequately defines the current trend in… Read more
COVID 19 pandemic uncover ageism in its true magnitude

Organ transplant discrimination against disabled persons

discrimination against disabled persons
Another subtle way of discrimination added to discrimination before birth? The global organ shortage and the need to obtain them in the best conditions could jeopardize the dignity of the end of life of the eventual donor. The already long waiting …

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A review of current Human Trafficking. America is the country with more available data

Human trafficking is an issue that characterizes our complex developed societies. However, it is difficult to evaluate as victims are coerced and are often afraid to make their situation known. The United States (US) has found a means to partially resolve this issue…

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Human trafficking scourge

A short review of the humanitarian health response to violent conflict in COVID 19 era

Health care in armed conflicts
The current pandemic has highlighted the role of biopolitics in bioethics. From personalist ethics, the issue has a particular interest. The way in which governments, states and supranational institutions calculate, control and manage entire populations and demographic groupings… Read more

Catholic Medical Association - the CMA and COVID 19 vaccination

The Catholic Medical Association — the CMA — is the largest association of Catholic individuals in health care and a leader in the field of ethics in biomedicine. On March 3, it published the JOINT STATEMENT: VACCINES AND CONSCIENCE PROTECTION. As we know, many of our rights have… Read more
COVID 19 vaccines coercive mandates

CDC and FDA confirm 2,807 hospital cases of lung injury linked to vaping

vaping addiction update
On November 28th, 2019, our Observatory published an article with a review on vaping-associated lung injury when concerns were first raised about the possible health effects of vaping (read HERE). Now the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health departments are investigating reports of a new outbreak of e-cigarette or vaping, product use-associated lung injury (EVALI). As … Read more
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