Bioethics at a Glance nº 21

April 2021

Selected articles by Bioethics Observatory - Institute of Life Sciences editors

Juan Carlos Izpisua's research group generated alive human-monkey chimeras

On April 15, 2021, Juan Carlos Izpisua's research group published an article in Cell describing the generation of human-monkey chimeras. Regardless of the technical aspects and the purpose that — according to the authors — these experiments may have in better understanding human embryonic development and in their use to produce human-animal organs… Read more
chimeras alive

Partial removal of Trump's restrictions on federal funding for research using fetal tissues from elective abortions

A long debate on the scientific, legal and bioethical implications of the sale of organs of aborted fetuses and their use for experimentations was partially resolved by a restriction imposed by the previous Administration in 2019, which prohibited the financing of this practice with public funds. Now, the... Read more
research with human embryos

A single universal vaccine against developing viruses that can cause COVID-19 should be a global public health priority

Producing a universal vaccine against developing viruses that can cause COVID-19 is, therefore, an absolute necessity. Developing the instruments necessary to prevent future pandemics — which are inevitable — should be considered at the global… Read more
COVID 19 universal vaccine

Vaccine passport rollout will be a way to gradually recover the right of freedom of movement

The vaccine passport has become a matter of debate from a medical and bioethical perspective. The question of what it is and where is it currently being used, and the difference between a certificate of vaccination and a certificate of immunity, appear to be topics of great interest. The goal is to use the vaccine passport as the route back… Read more
passport vaccine ethics

Antibodies generated in pregnant women vaccinated against COVID-19 can pass to their children

British gynecologists are in favor of pregnant women waiting until …

Read more
vaccinating pregnant women

Is it ethical to withdraw vital treatments in patients with prolonged consciousness disorders ?

In an interesting article published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Charles Foster argues that withdrawing life-sustaining treatments in patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness, such as patients in a permanent vegetative state or minimally conscious state, is always unlawful… Read more
unresponsive patients consciousness disorders
DS discrimination banned

US federal court upholds Ohio's Down syndrome abortion law

Our Observatory has published several articles about persons with Down Syndrome discriminations. One of them is discrimination before birth… Read more
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