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A short review of the US vaccination politics A priori, and without exerting too much cognitive effort, one might reasonably think that vaccination in the United States (US) is voluntary but…

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vaccination prerequisite

Physicians burnout and morale decline in the new scenario of the current Covid 19 pandemic

Physicians burnout update
Physicians burnout update. An effective response of health care systems to this issue is key in the strategy to stop the virus and improve patients' health care. As is known in the current coronavirus pandemic, one of the sectors hard-hit by the crisis is health care professionals. About this issue, many articles have been published and it is unanimously recognized… Read more


The number of people who may have "long COVID could be massive"

long COVID studies

From the beginning of the pandemic, COVID's long-term effects have been studied. In this regard, the National Institutes …

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American organ collection questioned. Poor control system and slow reaction of the current government

American organ collection system questioned. A monopoly follows its own criterion The shortage of organs for transplants is a matter of medical concern with obvious bioethical implications. The issue appears to be a top priority, given that 107,000 patients are on waiting lists for… Read more
organ collection system questioned

Generalized addictive substances use in the United States. "Harm Reduction" into Health Policy

addictive substances more safely
Should health care providers help people to use addictive substances more safely? The so-called overdose-death crisis and COVID-19 in the United States is a serious matter of concern in healthcare administration. The current risk is that the huge efforts invested in controlling the pandemic could detract attention from the increasing addictive substances crisis… Read more

Legal frameworks of surrogacy are proposed. A false solution

Surrogacy is prohibited in almost all Western countries, but the industry of surrogacy continues to grow. Recently, for example, New York State (US) legislation announced its support for commercial contracts between the surrogate mother and the intended parents, who may or may not be the child’s biological parents. Institutions defending women’s and children’s rights are strongly opposed to this practice… Read more
surrogacy legalization


The impact and consequences of miscarriage are underestimated by public health authorities

miscarriage units needed
More miscarriage units needed in hospìtals and an urgent need to inform couples and the general public A recent series from The Lancet (March 26) addresses the medical and economical aspects of miscarriage ( read the series of 3 papers HERE). The bioethical interest of these studies is that miscarriage affects 1 in 10 women in their lifetime, with approximately… Read more

Extended Heredity book: An interview with the authors. Non-genetic inheritance and evolution theory approach

The theory of evolution is a fluid scientific subject given the continuous changes that arise from new findings and specialized studies. It has recently emerged that evolutionary mechanisms other than genetic mutations may be involved in the "theory of evolution"…

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hereditary nongenetic factors

American states are in a move to ban transgender women athletes from participating in women’s sports

Women teams challenges
Bans of transwomen playing in women's sports teams reignited the controversy and renowned transwoman support the exclusion. Transsexual activists defend the right of transwomen but women's teams don't agree. We have published medical articles showing the different features of transwomen (born male), that showed different physical complexions… Read more

Arizona passes a bill banning abortion and recognizing civil rights to unborn children.

Last April 27 the English paper The Guardian published an article about Arizona’s governor signing a law prohibiting abortion. The article highlights the ban on abortions based on genetic defects but the bill goes much further, granting civil rights to the fetus recognizing it as a person. Fetus personhood recognized The article says “The abortion bill as originally written made …

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Fetus as a person with its civil rights, based in its indivual biological status

Florida (US) releases artificial mosquitoes into the open air to replace the current disease-transmitting population. Could they alter the ecosystem?

mosquitoes genetically modified
A recent article published in Nature (May 3) reports “the first genetically modified mosquitoes released in the United States”. Thus far, the genetically modified organism has been produced and isolated in the laboratory. Mosquitoes artificially modified into the open air to dwelling existing mosquitoes population... Read more
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