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Who has the right to life? The state of Mississippi and Roe V Wade Ruling

" (T)he right to life is held by the child, not the mother, nor the father, nor the rest of society." On May 17, 2021, the US Supreme Court announced that it will review a case…

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child right to life

Why can a man not get pregnant and give birth under any circumstances?

trans man pregnancy
Is it a major scientific advance or a sham? The media has recently revealed that a Spanish “trans man” has conceived and given birth to his child, “hije”*, as the child’s “father” (biological mother) calls the baby. The news appears to be aimed at normalizing a supposed “scientific advance”… Read more


Has the goal of finding the ‘holy grail’ of ideal embryo selection been met?

In 2015 our Observatory has published an article about the goal of fertility clinics and researchers to obtain the ideal embryo desired by the customer. From there we have followed the biomedical advances, the fertility clinics' technics offered and regulations on this matter. Now several findings have been made that in some… Read more
IVF embryo selection

The forensic use of a global Y chromosome database ethically questioned by geneticists

genetic database questioned
The use of the YHRD database is ethically questioned by European geneticists. Genetic databases and patients' medical records are sensitive topics when it comes to patient privacy. …

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Torrential leak from the "de-identified" EHR data silo of American health care providers. Ethical perspective

Current EHR de-identified police data can affect decades of patients' medical data. The strict confidentiality to which medical service providers are subject has always been fundamental what is commonly called the patient’s paper chart or medical history. With the universal emergence of electronic health records (EHR)… Read more
EHR de-identified police


An important step for French lesbians to get IVF rights with strong opposition

French President Emanuel Macron has called for public consultation, to make changes to the current French legislation that have bioethical implications. One of the issues with more public concerns was to facilitate IVF to lesbian women. We reported various public demonstrations in Paris and other cities…

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lesbian IVF right

Universities' vaccine mandates in the U.S. Are they respecting the students' autonomy?

Universities mandate vaccination questioned by biothicsists
The spread of COVID 19 in youth and its consequences are ongoing global issues following the massive vaccination of older people in several countries and the increased incidence in the younger age group. With registration for admission to universities already open… Read more

China's organs transplants studies and the ethics of its scientific papers

An article published in the British Medical Journal with a stunning heading reports the scientific community and bioethicists' concerns about the systematical violation of human rights in China… Read more
organ transplantation in China

Group of scientists seeks to extend embryo research beyond 14 days

human embryos manipulation
"In vitro fertilization could be improved and it could also limit, if not eliminate, births of children with disabilities or congenital inherited disorders." argues researchers. Reports have been spread by some that human life begins 14 days after fertilization…

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