Bioethics at a Glance nº 22

MAY 2021

Selected articles by Bioethics Observatory - Institute of Life Sciences editors

Restrictions on hormone therapy for gender transition. Current gender dysphoria treatments questioned

Sweden’s Karolinska Hospital has issued new guidelines for the treatment of children with gender dysphoria. This policy has abolished the puberty blockers prescription and cross-sex hormonal therapy to gender-dysphoric patients under the age of 18. The hospital, a world leader in the approach to gender dysphoria and …

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puberty blockers prescriptions

Study demand a change of biodiversity conservation paradigm. "In many cases men's activity have supported high species richness"

Human activity reshaping landscape to make it more productive "in many cases has supported high species richness and enriched biodiversity.” The preservation of biodiversity has been a subject of universal interest in recent decades. We have seen how the emphasis placed on the effects of human activity as being responsible for the deterioration of ecosystems… Read more
Biodiversity conservation paradigm should change to an interaction between human activity and the preservation of biodiversity  and ecosystems

Recent stealth steps to pass assisted suicide in Germany

The federation of doctors changes their medical code to allow it. Stealth steps to legalize assisted suicide: Last year, the German high court ruled that a law banning assisted suicide services was unconstitutional. German lawmakers presented two separate draft bills on assisted suicide… Read more
assisted suicide in Germany

The reproduction process outside women's wombs

"It may sound far-fetched, but a breakthrough in Israel has brought us a step closer to creating artificial wombs for humans" In life sciences, one of the medical and bioethical, topics of major interest is pregnancy and its implications Read more
The reproduction process outside women's wombs

Texas lawmakers approve ban on abortion as early as 6 weeks allowing anyone the right to sue a provider

Legislation banning abortion — so-called heartbeat laws — are a distinctive feature of some American states. Now, new initiatives to prohibit abortion and penalize those who participate in it have been approved in several states. In this respect, Texas Senate has sent a proposed bill … Read more
Banning abortion critics say that the new law would ban before the mother realises that is pregnant. But the nascitutrus has inprescriptibles rights

A new statement of Malta on abortion. The UE country where abortion is forbidden in all circumstances

Independent MP Marlene Farrugia presented a bill to parliament calling for the decriminalization of abortion. Also, opposition leader Bernard Grech has said the Nationalist Party can never back the decriminalization of abortion, while…

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abortion opposition
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