Bioethics at a Glance nº 25


Selected articles by Bioethics Observatory - Institute of Life Sciences editors

Epigenetics of the early development of the human embryo and transgenerational inheritance studies

Studying the possibility of transmitting epigenetic information across generations. Until recently, it was indisputable that the phenotypic traits of the person were defined exclusively by the genetic factors transmitted by heredity. A recent study… Read more
Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance researches

Impact of ethics discussions on the decision-making of health professionals caring for children with cancer

An article published in the "European Journal of Oncology Nursing", deals with the delicate issue of decision-making in pediatric care for children with cancer and the effect of ethical discussions among healthcare professionals. The study aims to describe “perceptions of the decision-making process… Read more
Egreat relevance of ethics discussions on decision-making in the care of critical patients to improve health care quality and create trust in parents

The fate of unclaimed supernumerary embryos

There is no doubt that embryo freezing and storage have objective ethical drawbacks, which we have evaluated in-depth in a special report. Recent news gives the possibility of extending its storage from 10 to 50 years, which seems to make this situation more critical. Embryos unclaimed are alive until they have no economical interest… Read more
mbryos unclaimed fate. The discreet genocide of frozen embryo banks and clinics. The current IVF practices produce more embryos than needed

Patents of gene editing techniques that modify the germline of the embryo is proposed

The WHO recently made a report dealing with this issue, with information on these prohibitions in different countries and the measures that are being implemented to identify and arrest possible offenders. In this respect, a recent JAMA article entitled Governing Human Germline Editing Through Patent Law written by American authorities, warns that… Read more
Reproductive germline editing registry initiatives including all world researches to proceed with clinical applications if it is ethical acceptable

The vast majority of Italian gynecologists oppose abortion. Significant decrease in hospitals that provide "pregnancy interruption services" in Italy

"Significant decrease in hospitals that provide pregnancy interruption services". More than 70% of gynecologists declare that they are conscientious objectors. There are regions in which the percentage is close to … Read more
A group of feminist gynecologists, headed by Silvana Agatone, has launched a campaign to reform the law that protect abortion conscientious objectors

Ethical considerations of the role of pharmaceutical companies to fairly immunize globally population

Pharmaceutical companies in the current pandemic have been criticized. The Lancet makes an evaluation of the performance of pharmaceutical companies, their relevance and the ethical principles that should prevail to redefine global institutional commitments… Read more
pharmaceutical companies in current pandemic
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