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Designer Babies new era. A step to the ideal child

Designer babies current advances 
One of the bioethical issues of most importance and diffusion around assisted reproduction is the selection of embryos through preimplantation genetic diagnosis, which has been the subject of debate among bioethicists, many of whom consider it acceptable and certain bioethicists go further, stating that it is the parents' duty… Read more

Conscientious objection or good practice? New Spanish law

When a doctor is pushed to kill rather than cure The recent pressures exerted on the health community, seeking to limit the free exercise of their profession when they oppose putting into practice laws that threaten the life or health of people, compels us to raise the dilemma of the exercise of conscientious objection…

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Conscientious objection when requested is a personal right


Right not to know of the patient. Is it a right without limits? Bioethics perspective
In medical ethics, could the patient's Right to don't know limitation affect the patient's autonomy? On 28 June 2021, Ben Davies published an article entitled Compromising on the Right Not to Know. That Right, said the author, derives from the patient right…

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What are the bioethical issues raised by the new law on assisted reproduction in France?

Macron's legal and bioethics reform. An advance or a setback? A new law recently passed in France allows lesbians and single women to access in vitro fertilization treatment, specifying that both the biological mother and her lesbian partner will be recognized as mothers on the children’s birth certificate. Last year Macron… Read more
assisted reproduction law questioned


The laboratory's SARS-CoV-2 leak theory gains traction. "We have an eyewitness outside of China"

We recently published an article about a letter to the director of the WHO from 32 scientists who expressed the need to know the origin of SARS-CoV-2 even without China's rulers' collaboration. They showed that the data available on the virus had sufficient basis to carry out a study on the… Read more
SARS-CoV-2 leak gains traction

The collapse of the health system in Alaska due, in some measure, to an irresponsible management of the crisis

Alaska government irresponsibility
An article published in The New York Times (October 6, 2021, and on CNBC October 14), which draws attention for its title "In Alaska’s Covid crisis, doctors must decide who lives and who dies". As …

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Epigenetics of the early development of the human embryo and transgenerational inheritance studies

Studying the possibility of transmitting epigenetic information across generations. Until recently, it was indisputable that the phenotypic traits of the person were defined exclusively by genetics. Later non-genetic factors have been proven so. A recent study, which synthesizes this topic, applied mainly to assisted reproduction… Read more
Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance researches

China’s communist party rulers are against abortions for "non-medical purposes". A rule more radical than Texas Heartbeat Act

The Chinese government has not managed to reverse the deep demographic crisis in that country. Both the practice of selective abortions, in case the baby was a girl, and the one-child policy for so many years, have aged the population and created an abysmal difference between the female and male population… Read more
China demographic crisis out of control. Rulers appears to be in despair

Deaths of young people in clinical trial of gene therapy could affect the research of this promising treatment

Deaths of young people in clinical trial of gene therapy could affect the research of this promising treatment
We have published several articles about this line of research. Recently we reported several successful clinical trials. The gene therapy risks must be evaluated in each trial A news item, published last October 1 in the American newspaper…

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Stem cell therapy research without using embryonic stem cells. Focusing on induced pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymal cells

In recent years, research that uses stem cells in regenerative medicine has been developed, to create repairing treatments for tissues and organs. Stem cell therapy research and Yamanaka's Noble price in science…

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Stem cell therapy research consolidated strategy


Assisted reproductive treatments in Europe. Updated vision country by country

We have analyzed in previous articles the ethical, social and demographic implications of the increase in infertility in developed countries and the tendency to be a mother after the age of 30. These are generating an increase in the demand for assisted reproduction treatments (ART). Now, we will give a quick overview …

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Assisted reproductive treatments in Europe

The US Supreme Court begins its activities with great opposition from the powerful pro-abortion movement

Roe v. Wade leftist tool
The beginning of the activities of the Supreme Court on October 4, which has a majority of members appointed by the previous Administration and does not respond to pro-abortion ideological interests, has reignited the debate on abortion in the U.S. In this sense, the press, social networks and public demonstrations… Read more

A referendum in San Marino passes a pro-abortion motion

San Marino has been an abortion-free state with no exceptions. Its population has shown, until now, its rejection of the termination of pregnancy. A recent referendum passed a motion that would allow women to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy within 12 weeks of gestation… Read more
referendum questioned

Major Advances Toward Possible Treatment for People with Autism

Autism therapeutic treatment has a new important means to advance
Good news for people affected by this chronic disease. Not long ago, a treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was unthinkable, but recently great advances have been made in this regard. Perhaps one of the most important is having discovered that the cause of autism is a disorder of brain connectivity in…

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Switzerland: Same-sex couples raised to the status of a constituted family allowing lesbian access to assisted reproduction

The Swiss parliament and the federal council of government approved the measure "Marriage for all", equating homosexual unions with established families. Same-sex couples are raised to the status of a constituted family. Marriage and family undermined… Read more
Marriage and family undermined
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