Bioethics at a Glance nº 24


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Our University will be shut for holidays in August

China's communist party rulers continue to block scientific research of the origin of Sars-CoV-2. What can be done?

Up to date (August 20) 2021. The Wall Street Journal published an article on the issue and says "This hypothesis (a leak of SARS-Cov-2 from Whaun laboratory) bears investigation, especially since no new information has emerged in the past 18 months to support the natural-origin theory. Meantime… Read more
SARS-CoV-2 origin remains unknown

Bioethical implications of current travel for holidays

"Travelers should consider their own safety, that of the place they’re visiting and their community when they return home." Last April, we published a report about the vaccine passport advantages and problems. Now The Washington Post has published an article about the ethics of traveling, sharing the perspectives of ethicists, medical experts and tourism professionals. This month of July…

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No matter where you’re traveling, following coronavirus precautions is the ethical thing to do."

Rare heart inflammation cases in youth after being vaccinated concerns authorities and parents

Vaccination of young people is a priority of the US campaign to immunize the population. Having immunized the age groups most at risk, young people today show the highest incidence of infection…

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Youth vaccination unexpected effects

20 years of Human Genomics Project. Current data availability is unresolved

The access to data of the human genome project was delayed because it could identify genomic sequenced participants. Twenty years ago, the first drafts of the human genome project opened up a new avenue to what some predicted would be “biology’s century”. An update recently published by Nature – Editorial… Read more
human genome project delayed

New record of drugs overdoses death: 21 thousands, 30% more than the last year

The lack of policy of “harm reduction” concerns bioethicists and specialists in addictions In the move to legalize drugs for recreation and medical use in American states, we have reported, in a recent report…

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marijuana uncontrollable crisis

China uses genetic data for its politic interest

Our Observatory has approached the eventual violation of the privacy of personal information using genetic data. But in more recent articles we have mentioned the strong interest of Chinese Communist party rulers to have identified by this means persecuted populations…

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EHR de-identified police
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