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How has the COVID 19 health care emergency affected global organ transplants?

The SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic has had and continues to have consequences, not only for patients directly infected by the virus, but consequences that also extend to economic, social, and in many cases health areas not directly related to SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. Mortality in Spain due to a lack of… Read more
transplant organs during pandemic

Right to kill, right to be killed: a moral pandemic threatens Europe

Kill by euthanasia
The Spanish Parliament passed the law on euthanasia and the European Parliament adopted the “Matić Report”, which redefines abortion as “essential medical care”, recognizing it as a right and presenting conscientious objection… Read more


Ethical Considerations of the role of pharmaceutical companies to fairly immunize globally population

pharmaceutical companies in current pandemic
Pharmaceutical companies in the current pandemic have been criticized. A report published in The Lancet (August 5, 2021) makes an evaluation of the performance of pharmaceutical companies, their relevance and the ethical principles that should prevail… Read more

Is Cannabis a recreational substance with no major medical risks?

Cannabis's neurological harmful effects show a recent large scientific study. Public opinion and particularly young people consider it uses harmless to health, a perception error that has been increased by the growing legalization of addictive substances in some… Read more
cannabis neurological harmful effects

Important technological advances in Intensive Care Units could make end-of-life decisions difficult

End of life confrontations
"The technological advance in the ICU that allows keeping patients alive, almost indefinitely, is a problem for hospitals." Dr. Robert Truog, a pediatric intensive care physician at Boston Children's Hospital and director of the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School, notes that… Read more

Supreme Court supports Texas heartbeat law that banned abortion allowing anyone the right to sue a provider

Legislation banning abortion — so-called heartbeat laws — are a distinctive feature of some American states. Now Supreme Court supports heartbeat law, a state law, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in May with an effective …

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Banning abortion critics say that the new law would ban before the mother realises that is pregnant. But the nascitutrus has inprescriptibles rights

4 American States allow gestational surrogacy. Only New York State promotes surrogacy commercial contracts

gestational surrogacy contracts
The New York State Legislature passes the so-called Child-Parent Security Act - CPSA which became effective last February. Ex-Governor Cuomo was making it a priority to repeal the ban on gestational surrogacy to help fight for the rights of LGBTQ couples and people struggling with fertility. Until now, only two American states have legislation supporting gestational surrogacy but with more …

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Professional rugby players suffer a decline in their brain function after just one season, according to a scientific study

A study found that profesional rugby players decreased brain function after just one season. A conclusive result in a so debated issue
"Scientists warn tackles, not just concussions, are to blame." In previous articles, we have talked about the prohibition of different rugby and soccer federations in North America and the United Kingdom (read HERE), to play with the head. The main argument is that these players are still growing and are more sensitive to injuries. This issue is the subject of …

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China's communist party rulers continue to block scientific research of the origin of Sars-CoV-2. What can be done?

Recently The Wall Street Journal published an article that says "This hypothesis (a leak of SARS-Cov-2 from Whaun laboratory) bears investigation, especially since no new information has emerged in the past 18 months to support the natural-origin theory. A growing body of circumstantial evidence supports… Read more
SARS-CoV-2 origin remains unknown

Shades and lights of HIV/AIDS current epidemic

HIV/AIDS current epidemic
HIV persons not diagnosed due to the scant dissemination of the test to detect them in the current COVID 19 pandemic could affect dramatically the HIV/AIDS epidemic data The last report says "HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care services are all being disrupted threatening lives… Read more

Debate on fraud in scientific studies continues in COVID era. A complex and challenging issue for scientific journals

"Ethical issues (eg, failure to obtain informed consent, failure to obtain appropriate approval from an institutional review board, and mistreatment of research participants), issues involving authorship responsibilities and disputes, duplicate publication, and failure to report conflicts of interest. The misconduct and fraudulent scientific research… Read more
scientific papers ethics

The number of people "who may have long-term effects of COVID 19 could be massive"

long COVID studies
"The number of people who may have long COVID could be massive". The latest and more great study of the long COVID updates what we published in June. A recent paper published in NATURE entitled More than 50 long-term effects of COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis… Read more
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