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Germany overturns ban on euthanasia and assisted suicide with a strong opposition

By |2020-03-09T10:40:17+01:00March 6th, 2020|Assisted Suicide, Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Euthanasia, Human Disability, Medical Deontology, NEWS|

Germany has joined the minority of European countries that allow euthanasia. [...]

Euthanasia debate. Absence of shared basic positions respect to the concept of the dignity of human life

By |2019-10-22T11:11:40+02:00June 5th, 2019|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Euthanasia, NEWS|

Ignacio Sánchez Cámara, Professor of Philosophy of Law at the [...]

A Canadian report shows that, not only, Euthanasia cases are on the rise but requests for MAiD are not treated as having particular moral considerations

By |2019-10-22T11:19:19+02:00March 20th, 2019|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Euthanasia, NEWS|

In the Canadian province of Quebec, which has a population [...]

Euthanasia for children “with life-limiting conditions” is approved in Colombia

By |2019-10-22T12:17:50+02:00March 5th, 2019|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Euthanasia, NEWS, Palliative Care|

Colombia is the third country that approved the law with [...]

Euthanasia, the other side of the coin. What did patients face after their decision to end their life?

By |2019-10-22T12:28:24+02:00February 7th, 2019|Assisted Suicide, BIOETHICS NEWS, Euthanasia, Informed consent, Medical Deontology, NEWS, Suicide|

The state of the "art" of the so-called "medical aid [...]

The German Ministry of Health called to stop euthanasia drugs free acquisition

By |2020-02-06T10:15:34+01:00December 10th, 2018|BIOETHICS NEWS, Euthanasia, NEWS, Uncategorized|

The request to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical [...]

The tip of the legalized euthanasia iceberg. Dutch Doctor gave the fatal drugs without patient consent

By |2018-11-12T13:31:34+01:00November 12th, 2018|Assisted Suicide, BIOETHICS NEWS, Euthanasia, Medical Deontology, NEWS|

“Should this (legal euthanasia) include a situation where doctors are drugging [...]