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Publication of a guide for parents to educate their children against gender ideology

By |2022-03-01T13:44:23+01:00July 8th, 2019|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Gender Ideology, Homosexuality, Marriage and Family, SPECIAL REPORTS, Transsexuality|

On 10 June this year, the Congregation for Catholic Education [...]

Transsexual woman Charlotte Goiar against gender ideology

By |2022-03-01T13:15:30+01:00June 23rd, 2017|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, BRIEF NEWS, Gender Ideology, Transsexuality|

Transsexual person against gender ideology: "It is not normal for [...]

Gender ideology. Can it continue to be sustained scientifically?

By |2022-02-28T17:10:18+01:00November 16th, 2015|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, SPECIAL REPORTS, Transsexuality|

Gender ideology essentially holds that gender is constructed, not determined [...]

Montana will record biological sex on birth certificates, not “gender”

By |2022-06-07T17:20:15+02:00June 7th, 2022|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Gender Ideology, NEWS and VIEWS, Transsexuality|

Gender ideology and its authoritarian politics continue to provoke a [...]

Gender transition: Is there a right to be forgotten?

By |2022-02-18T09:11:42+01:00November 2nd, 2021|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Ethics of Scientific Research and Medical clinic, Genetics and Genomics, Informed consent, SPECIAL REPORTS|

Health Care Analysis has published a new study on gender [...]

The Vatican Opinion on Gender perspective. Responding to the Timothy F. Murphy’s article published in Bioethics

By |2020-11-12T13:26:45+01:00July 6th, 2020|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Ethics of Scientific Research and Medical clinic, Gender Ideology, NEWS and VIEWS, Science and Religion|

A recent article published in The Linacre Quarterly (June 17, [...]

Kids could be permanently harmed by gender law warn bioethics centre and Catholics bishops

By |2018-02-13T13:45:02+01:00February 13th, 2018|Gender Ideology, NEWS and VIEWS, Transsexuality|

Proposed reforms present gender not as a biological fact but [...]

UNESCO educational guide based on gender theory. “OUT IN THE OPEN Education sector responses…”

By |2020-11-20T12:49:53+01:00September 26th, 2017|Gender Ideology, Marriage and Family, NEWS and VIEWS, Transsexuality|

The brochure offered as a good example to teach [...]

Gender identity disorders. Current scientific evidence

By |2019-03-07T13:43:05+01:00March 21st, 2017|BIOETHICS NEWS, Gender Ideology, SPECIAL REPORTS, Transsexuality|

Introduction Management of so-called "gender incongruence, cross-gender behaviour, non-normative gender [...]