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infertility tratmentes postpned by compamies can improve the employers and families quality life or can be other iniciative to put forward work and last family life
spinal cord therapies


Abortion laws in Latin America are very restrictive despite

Anti-abortion laws in Latin America

A pro-life attitude is folowed especially in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica which abortion is prohibited under any circumstances. Analysis Bárbara Fraser analyses abortion laws in Latin America in a recent article published in The Lancet … 

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In vitro fertilization risks in mothers with heart problems
Birth control is increased for alarmist demographics projections
HIV/AIDS Is the end near?

HIV/AIDS Is the end near?

A necessary step to try to end AIDS is to prevent HIV infection. In relation to this, Julio Montaner, a leading HIV/AIDS expert, stated in a recent article that "prevention of HIV infection could be increased if 100% of individuals...". This is what he calls "treatment as … 

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Organ transplant in AIDS patients

It is known that anti-retroviral treatments are allowing AIDS patients to become long-term chronically-ill patients. This means that many of them may suffer concomitant diseases throughout their lifetime. One such condition that often occurs in these individuals is renal failure … Leer más.

Cell therapy clinics unregulated

Cell therapy clinics unregulated in the United States

Cell therapy clinics unregulated are proliferating in the United States....

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Woman fertility - can an ovary be artificially produced ?

Woman fertility treatment a promising possibility. The possibility of creating an artificial ovary is a new treatment possibility for restoring fertility in women who cannot benefit from transplanting cryopreserved ovarian tissue, as they have a tumour and there is a chance that malignant cells can be transferred.  An article published in Fertility and Sterility (101; 1149-1156, 2014) has revealed that an …

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Cell therapy effectiveness in myocardial infarction

A recent study evaluated discrepancies in clinical trials dedicated to the assessment of the possible beneficial effect of cell therapy in heart diseases …

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Diabetes treatment with cell therapy, a step forward

One possibility for treating diabetes is to be able to produce pancreatic beta cells that can be transferred to patients and thus generate the much needed insulin in them. Up to now, there was a major difficulty in order for this to be useful in clinical practice, which was the low numbers of cells produced. An article has now been …

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