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September 2016


La utilidad clinica de las células madre según los datos más recientes es que la posibilidad de obtener resultados clínicos positivos está distante

What is the current clinical usefulness of stem cell treatments, embryonic and iPS cells?

Human adult stem cells (iPS) have been found to be most clinically useful human cells for therapeutic purposes. Pluripotent cells (PCs) are defined as those from which cells of different tissue types can be obtained. … Read more.

Comprehensive and thorough study of the relationship between attendance at religious services and reduction in mortality

Comprehensive study of attendance at religious services and reduction in mortality and morbidity

The authors concluded consider that religiousness and spirituality are undervalued in relation to morbidity and mortality, so physicians should take this into account in their patients The World Health Organization defines… Read more.

Human gene editing Summit concludes with divergent opinions

When nearly 500 scientists, ethicists, legal experts and advocacy groups from more than 20 countries came together in Washington DC last December to produce guidelines for the use of gene editing in humans… Read more.


Many technics showed that adult stem cells could effectively substitute embryonic cells in cellular therapy. Among these are stem cells from amniotic fluid.

Stem cells and the production of organoids at the forefront of biomedical science

The subject of stem cells  appears to be the biomedical science forefront. Few issues in the biomedical sciences arouse as much interest as these, and for this reason, the prestigious journal Nature Cell Biology will analyse a series of articles, two of which… Read more.

Now Pfizer refuses to provide drugs for capital punishment in the United States

A few days ago, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced a ban on the use of their drugs for capital punishment in the United States. This decision was picked up by American newspaper The New York Times, where the company stated… Read more.


Medical errors in hospitals are incredibly common and may now be the third-leading cause of death in the USA - claiming 251,00 lives every year, 700 per day

Medical errors is now the third cause of death in USA

A problem that fully affects biomedical ethics is medical errors, which can even lead to death of the patient involved. A recently published article in The Washington Post analysed the frequency of them… Read more.

Tracheal transplants debate performed by Paolo Macchiarini in the Karolinska Hospital continues

Tracheal transplants debate performed by Paolo Macchiarini involves the Swedish Academy of Science

The debate regarding the ethicality of the tracheal transplants performed by Paolo Macchiarini in the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm continues. A consequence of this controversy… Rea more.

Suicide rate increases has been observed in both men and women and in all age groups below 75 years in the last 8 years last figures

Suicide rate increases in the United States. Rises 2% every year

The largest increase occurred in 10-14 year old girls. The suicide rate increases has been observed in both, men and women, and in all age groups below 75 years, showing… Read more.

It has been suggested that a change has been taking place in the Catholic church in medical research ethics. A Lancet article said it is questionable

Medical research ethics and "Laudato Si"

With the publication of Pope Francis's encyclical "Laudato si", it has been suggested that a change in position has been taking place in the Catholic church, especially in Italy, as regards its assessment of medical research ethics. A recent article, "Pope Francis and the Italian scientific golden age" (The Lancet )… Read more.

Abortion-free spaces in the USA. New legal authorisation to refuse to perform abortions

Lively controversy has been stirred up in the United States on whether religious institutions have the obligation to provide abortion or whether they can be abortion-free spaces. In relation to this… Read more.

Mother to child transmission of HIV. The panorama has been changing drastically, now vertical transmission has been practically resolved

HIV? Now affected couples could conceive a healthy child naturally

With the therapeutic advances that have been emerging, the panorama has been changing drastically. The first consequence… Read more.

Genetic engineering The bacteria produced is the third synthetic organism produced, an important step to better understand how cells work

New genetically modified microorganism is synthesised

The company Synthetic Genomics has synthesised a newgenetically modified microorganism. The bacteria produced   contains 473 genes, 52 less than the Mycoplasma genitalium produced by Craig Venter's team… Read more.

Fraudulent cell therapy is an objective ethics global problem in biomedicine. Now South Korea has amended its safety regulations

Fraudulent cell therapy. South Korea increases safety regulations

It is known that cell therapy is not free from risks , and that possibilities are sometimes offered that do not comply with minimal safety regulations. In an attempt to avoid thi…

Read more.