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Gene editing germline. Great possibilities is offered by this new biotechnology tool but it involves objective ethical problems when affects human germline

Gene editing today. All we have to know about it and our bioethical assessment

Few scientific breakthroughs have been as important as the discovery of the CRISPR/Cas9 (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) technique as a gene editing tool... Read more.


Spain, report 116,688 fertility treatments, placing Spain at the head of Europe and the third leading country in the world.

One in every ten children in Spain is born as a result of assisted reproduction techniques

Spain finally has its first national register of fertility treatments. Clinics have not been obliged to share their data until now, so this could not be properly assessed…

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CRISPR used for the first time in humans

CRISPR used for the first time in humans

A team led by oncologist Lu Youou at Sichuan University in China has become the first to use the revolutionary CRISPR technique on a patient with aggressive lung cancer…

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Is there a "post-abortion syndrome", about abortion psychological side effects a study concludes that in most cases there are mental disorders

Psychological side effects of abortion.

A widely debated topic is whether there is such thing as "post-abortion syndrome", or if some psychological disorders exist only after induced abortions. A recent study on this subject …

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Donor organ shortage.Health policy based in trust should aim to provide organs for the increasing patients who are awaiting transplant.

Donor organ shortage. Supporting donation based on trust

Promoting organ donation based on trust is an unavoidable health policy to be able to provide organs to patients who are awaiting transplant… Read more.

iPS cells applications Authors say that their findings provide proof of the possibility of restoring vision in very advanced stages of retinal degeneration

Retinal tissue produced from iPS cells in animals

A group of researchers has presented some interesting experiments in which they were able to produce retinal tissue from iPS cells. After transferring the tissue to mice with retinal degeneration, they were … Read more.

Hormonal contraceptives risk factors.They are being massively used by women with contradictions for their use.Are Pharmaceuticals being supervised?

Hormonal contraceptives. 39% of the users have objective risk factors

A recent report by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that hormonal contraceptives should not be used in women with contradictions for their use, as they can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases… Read more.

According to study, 80% are fraudulent clinical trials in China. The study was published in JAMA

Another ethical scandal in China. Fraudulent clinical trials

More than 80% of data from clinical trials conducted in China are fraudulent. A report released by China's State Food and Drug Administration on 9th September last year found widespread fraud and described the situation as chaotic as regards clinical … Read more.

Hormonal contraceptives negative effects Frequent depression in teenagers secondary to the use hormonal contraceptives concluded a large study in JAMA

Any type of hormonal contraceptive can cause depression. A large study concluded

We have reported above the hormonal contraceptives negative effects, but now a further one has come to light, namely the frequent depression in teenagers secondary to the use of hormonal contraceptives. In a large study… Read more.

Changes occur in the maternal brain that enhance communication with the unborn child

Changes occur in the maternal brain that enhance communication with the unborn child

Changes occur in the brain of pregnant women as a result of the new hormone levels and biological adaptation to them. According to an article published in Nature Neuroscience… Read more.

Cerebral organoids. Three-dimensional "mini-brains" have been produced lfrom human embryonic stem cells, later comparing their functionality

Cerebral organoids produced from embryonic stem cells

A group of researchers in La Jolla, California, have produced three-dimensional  cerebral organoids ("mini-brains") from human embryonic stem cells…

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Every Dutch citizen will be donors by default by a controverial law critics question that State can't make decisions unilaterally concerning citizen bodies

Every Dutch citizen will find themselves forming part of a national list of organ donors by law

Very soon, each and every Dutch citizen will find themselves forming part of a national list of organ donors. They will be automatically included in this register, without having expressed their desire… Read more.