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11/17/ 2017


Paying women for renounce to her child for the desire of sterile couples including LGBT is a human right violation said UE, Surrogacy for LGBT desires

Gestational surrogacy, who benefits? Why are LGBTI activists the strongest supporters

The debate over the issue of gestational surrogacy  (an euphemistic term that attempts to disguise the reality of a woman who offers to carry a pregnancy in exchange for money) is on in the political and social arena… Read more.

Ethical concerns of prenatal diagnosis test NIPT offered by various commercial companies making it accessible for all.

Ethical concerns in prenatal genetic tests. Could they be used for discriminate?

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing NIPT is a method that uses maternal blood to detect fetal chromosomal abnormalities and other characteristics in early pregnancy, with no risks for the fetus… Read more.


Could human sexual condition be defined away from it's defined biological, genetic and morphological boundaries? Scientific error of gender theory

Scientific differences between sex and gender. You should know them!

The human sexual condition questioned  by a theory!  An interesting article published in Fertility and Sterility titled Sex and gender: you should know the difference has addressed the differences between sex and gender… Read more.

Pluripotent stem cells risks Either embryonic and iPS cells can develop mutations in a gene that could favor the production of cancer cells

Pluripotent stem cells used for regenerative medicine risks

It should be crucial to check pluripotent cell lines (embryonic and iPS cells) before clinical testing before their use in regenerative medicine… Read more.

The future of iPS - induced pluripotent stem cells. New finding increases tremendously their potential for clinical use

The future of iPS stem cells. New finding increases tremendously their potential

Cells now can be obtained from anonymous donors, and stored in a cell bank, the costs would be reduced significantly, and their potential for clinical use would increase tremendously A recent article… Read more.


Improving understanding of the biological mechanisms of aging was achived a aging retardation in mices. It is a step to control aging process in humans

Aging retardation is achieved in mice

A biological topic of great interest is to understand the mechanisms of aging. The nervous system is known to clearly affect aging, especially the hypothalamus, but the mechanism … Read more.

Children born using donor sperm health were similar to those of children conceived naturally but the final conlusion was that further studies are needed

How donor sperm used in assisted reproduction affects the child’s health

Whether children born using donor sperm through assisted reproduction could have health problems throughout their lives. A recent study…

Read more.

Concept of liquid modernity and transhumanism according to Nick Bostrom

Liquid Modernity and transhumanism according to Nick Bostrom

The concept of Liquid Modernity, by Bauman, constitutes an excellent conceptual tool box to address the changes in biotechnology and  by transhumanism… Read more.

male fertility decreases is proved by a large study found an effect of male age on the cumulative incidence of live birth following IVF treatment

Male age affects sperm quality producing decrease in couples fertility

Now a study shows that male age is a relevant factor… Read more.

Involuntary euthanasia increases in all countries where euthanasia law is approved . In Netherlands it is out of control.Including mentally ill patients

Involuntary euthanasia in Holland. More than 400 citizens have been euthanized without request

Termination of life without request and without a competent person's consent. A study conducted every five years to determine the causes of death in the Dutch population has revealed… Read more.

Association for Reproductive Medicine recommends physicians to refuse to transfer embryo with genetic anomalies despite the parents' wishes

Can physician refuse an embryo that presents genetic abnormalities, despite the parents' wishes?

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine considers ethically acceptable for the physicians to refuse to transfer these types of embryos. Our ethical assessement…

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