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12/22/ 2017


HIV discordant couples reproduction minimal risks in our days. Nearly O% using FIV and minimal risk of infection is estimated in natural fecundation

Can HIV-discordant couples have healthy children?

Possibility of avoiding transmission and having a healthy child. As stated in an article published in Human Reproduction , a fundamental aspect to take into account in the reproductive counseling that may be given to a HIV-discordant couple…

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Planned Parenthood special report. It performed more than one million abortions worldwide in 2016

Planned Parenthood performed more than one million abortions worldwide

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF),  for the first time in its history, aborted more... Read more.

Parents lifestyle habits determine children health. Sperm memory, without change ADN, could affect through epigenetics descendant health

Behavior of the father before conception affects the child's development

A recent article published in the journal JAMA  states that a man's behavior may determine the development and future health of his offspring…

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Gene editing extends human life modifying genetically individuals and their offspring but this enhancement presents objective ethical problems

Is it ethical to use gene editing to extend human life?

Has this technique positive risk-benefit? At present, genome editing techniques, Gene editing tecniques are not exempt from bioethical questions, among which is the application of these techniques on the germline… Read more.

CRISPR: the genome editing tool reveals the keys to embryonic development

Genome editing reveals the early embryonic development

Has been used the new genome-editing techniques in human embryos for the first time. The aim was to deepen our understanding of the factors that affect early embryonic development, in order to improve… Read more.

Human cloning for research. New Chinese technique to modify the human genome using embryo clones is arising ethical debate

Scientists cloned human embryos and modify their genome

A team of Chinese researchers has published a new study in which, in addition to modifying the genome of the embryos, obtained them by cloning. The team… Read more.


Vegetative state new treatment has been a success.French Institute of Sciences Cognitives restored conscience to 15 years vegetative patient

Patient wakens after being in vegetative state for 15 years with a new treatment

It is said that after one year of unresponsive behavior, chances become very low.  Now a 35-year-old man  is showing signs of consciousness after…

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Maternity delayed for professional reasons, among others, with objective medical risks to mother and child. Appears to be a exigence of the work market

Age of first-time mothers increases in the US. Has it medical effects on mother or child?

Those giving birth after age 35 years has increased 8-fold. it appears to be a Western trend (see HERE). In Europe as well, , female workers exceeded those who did not work …

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IVF pregnancy losses is the main ethical problem of assisted reproduction

Pregnancy rate in assisted reproduction. Number of pregnancy losses

One aspect that objectively indicates the ethicality of assisted reproduction  practices is the number of pregnancy losses. According to a recent study…

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As a precautionary measure for avoiding birth control implant risks, the Health Ministry has ordered health centers and professionals to stop using Essure

Spanish Ministry of Health has called Bayer to withdraw contraceptive Essure

After civil proceedings were opened against pharmaceutical company Bayer all over the world because of the higher risks of serious adverse reactions associated  Ministry of Health of Spain, has called for pharmaceutical giant Bayer to stop…

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