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30/5/ 2018


When patient undergo cancer therapies they have serious risks to loss fertility. Successful experiment of fertility preservation oocytes from donor ovarian

Human oocytes produced for the first time from donors to preserve women's fertility with cancer

An article has been published in Molecular Human Reproduction describing the production of human oocytes from ovarian biopsies from ten healthy women. In the study… Read more.

Transhumanism and human nature. It pretends to forge a new humanity changing biological and genetical human condition. An example is gender global agenda

Transhumanism or emancipation of human nature. 

A reflection on the risks of abandoning our model of development to technological compulsion. The array of scientific-technical advances in areas such as genetic engineering and biotechnology has certainly expanded the horizon of our goals… Read more.


1967 Abortion Act, which guarantees freedom of conscience is not applied by NHS authorities discriminating personnel that don't participate in abortions

Have obstetricians and gynecologists the right to conscientious objection in Great Britain?

One of the problems that most concerns healthcare professionals who train at the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), a faculty of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in the United Kingdom, is to guarantee conscientious objection in their clinical practice, …

Read more.

A medical and ethical approach to ovarian tissue cryopreservation technique from prepubertal girls who are to undergo cancer treatment

Should ovarian tissue from prepubertal girls who  undergo cancer treatment be cryopreserved? 

It is is recommended for women but the extent of  negative therapeutic effect depends on the specific treatment applied in each case, so the individual… Read more.


Microtia, a congenital external ear deformity that affects one in every 5,000 newborns was treated with a new technique, long-term follow-up is needed

Ears made in China, using 3D printing technique, are implanted in 5 children

A team of Chinese scientists has been able to implant ears created using an experimental technology that combines cultured patient's cells with 3D printing in five children... Read more.

Are psychiatric illnesses associated with genes?

A meta-analysis has been published in Science, evaluating five major psychiatric diseases in order to examine if they can identify any genetic abnormality related to them. The predisposition to neuropsychiatric disease involves a complex…Read more.


Ovarian tissue preservation to delay childbearing rises - Video

Childbearing delay new trend - Freeze your fertility!. The cryopreservation of ovarian tissue obtained from young women in order to delay childbearing join to embryos cryopreserved (social freezing)… Read more.

Fetal hunger during the first month of pregnancy was of normal weight at birth but later had children who were themselves smaller

Fetal hunger effect in adulthood 

Negative effects of fetus hunger on adult health and offspring. A report has now been published that discusses how the effects of  … Read more.

Cancer new treatment using synthetic biology. Regulating with synthetic gene networks the dosage, timing, and localization of gene expression to this means

Synthetic biology could facilitate cancer treatments

Kitada and colleagues study published in NATURE  have suggested that part of these limitations can be resolved using synthetic biology.  Particularly synthetic gene networks… Read more.

One more step in the clinical use of Gene editing. Duchenne new possible treatment could allow correction of several genetic mutations

Duchenne muscular dystrophy treated with  CRISPR/Cas9 technique

Duchenne muscular dystrophy - lethal degeneration of cardiac and skeletal muscle caused by different genetic mutations, which produces degeneration of the cardiac and skeletal muscles… Read more.