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Bioethical challenges on latest biomedical and biotechnological advances, we share with our subscribers, Nº 70


nº 71

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Human beings are born with a chromosomal, genetic and gonadal sex that are normally concordant and homosexual biological determinism is a myth

The cryptic biological determinism of “sexual orientation”. Study on homosexual determinism

All attempts to demonstrate biological determinism of homosexuality lack sufficient rigour . Sexual biological identity and Gender identity… Read more.


Paving the way of designer babies a Chinese team has managed to obtain the first genetically modified babies in the embryonic stage

World’s first genetically modified babies may have been born in China

A number of media outlets have reported the news: Chinese scientists produce genetically edited babies for the first time The case involves twin girls, Lulu and Nana, obtained using in vitro fertilization (IVF), whose… Read more.

There are important problems, both scientific and ethical, that must be resolved before newborns genetic test can be used on a broad scale

Current knowledge does not justify universal genetic tests for newborns

A large study published in The Lancet, evaluated the advantages of universal genetics tests and concluded…

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It doesn't reverse addiction but helps to protect against relapses and prevent death by overdose. First possible cocaine gene editing therapy

Cocaine effects and overdose successfully treated with CRISPR gene editing in mice

Researchers at the University of Chicago have used the CRISPR gene editing tool to treat cocaine addiction in mice, and suggest that it will be feasible to use this treatment in people. Methodology and bioethical implications…

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DNA methylation genomic incidence. It takes place in a process that continues throughout the development of individuals, controlling the expression of genes

DNA methylation a sophisticated process that controls gene expressions

Lancet approaches the DNA  methylation. Unlike the genomic structure, methylation is a process that continues throughout the development of individuals… Read more.

The children suicidal trend is a constant public health worry Now a study shows that Parental religious beliefs have a significant effect to prevent suicide

Parental religious beliefs are associated with lower suicidal tendencies in offspring

JAMA Psychiatry large study approaches the extent to which the religiosity of parents might affect suicidal tendencies or attempts in their children…

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Double effect law includes free access to euthanasia fatal drugs. A social and ethics negative effect that must be considered and prevented

Dutch Doctor accused to give the fatal injection without patient consent

Officials first began probing the case in September, when they found the… 

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Europe rejects "Global Kidney Exchange Project". This apparently solidarity initiative mask authentic “trafficking in human organs”

The initiative encourages the “risk of exploitation”. See video below The European Committee on Organ Transplantation has unanimously approved the absolute rejection of the project promoted from the United States of global kidney exchange (see here promotion site). The Global Kidney Exchange Concept is supported by Alvin Roth, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, which opened the doors to all …

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Does Uterus transplant between twin sisters make a difference? A healthy child was born. In many countries it is not authorized included Spain Why?

First child born worldwide gestated in a uterus transplanted between twin sisters

News of the first baby in the world to be born after gestation in a womb transplanted between twin sisters in Hospital Santa Orsola in Bologna, Italy… Read more.

Medical professionals burnout epidemic besides increasing doctors suicide risks, one million Americans lose their doctors to suicide.

Increasing suicide figures among doctors in the U. S. 

The term burnout (considered the main cause of suicide) is being used by the media and medical journals worldwide with an increasing rate, why? … 

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Nurses treating terminal patients occupy a central position because they have the closest relation with patient and family. Requesting euthanasia dilemma

How does euthanasia affect nurses? Video

 "In ethical debates about euthanasia, the focus is often exclusively on the involvement of physicians and the involvement of nurses is seldom given much attention… Read more.