A spotlight on the top bioethical reports of 2018 - Part I

The status of person of the human embryo

The status of person of the human embryo

The ultimate postmodern injustice is the refusal to recognise certain human individuals as persons... Read more.

Paving the way of designer babies a Chinese team has managed to obtain the first genetically modified babies in the embryonic stage

The first genetically modified babies in China

Chinese scientists produce genetically edited babies for the first time… Read more.

Human beings are born with a chromosomal, genetic and gonadal sex that are normally concordant and homosexual biological determinism is a myth

Biological determinism of “sexual orientation” study  

All attempts to demonstrate biological determinism of homosexuality lack sufficient rigour...Read more.

What future awaits our children? Can natural selection be overcome by IVF embryo selection techniques? Child selection bioethics assessment

Bioethical debate on  Procreative Beneficence

Natural or artificial selection? Developed by Julian Savulescu continues to monopolise much of contemporary bioethical debate… Read more.

Hybrid human-mouse created from human sperm cells produced in laboratory arises objective bioethical problems. Could it help male infertility?

Human-mouse hybrids created with human sperm 

The sperm cells generated from the human were able to fertilize mouse oocytes,… Read more.

Neuroscience research on the human brain which we still know so little is advancing rapidly and brain experiments rekindle the bioethical debate
To better understand euthanasia medical procedures, we have to analyze the difference between euthanasia, assisted suicide and limitation on treatment - LOT
Frozen embryos adoption moral assessment Let them or manipulate them for other means? A legal, ethical and moral issue.The Catholic Church gives her opinion
Transhumanism and human nature
Cloned primates is a great advance for diseases research but scientists believe that only strict regulation of cloning can prevent human cloning
Minimal ethics frequently becomes at the service of the variable will of the majority and restricts freedom to so-called "politically correct” beliefs

Minimal ethics 

It assumes that universally valid ethical principles do not exist...

Read more.

Men and women dimorphism affects their anatomy, physiology, endocrine, nervous systems and brain. So brain difference between sexes affect their capacities

Male versus female brains differences

Brains functioning differences define whether an individual is male or female …

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When patient undergo cancer therapies they have serious risks to loss fertility. Successful experiment of fertility preservation oocytes from donor ovarian