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New possibilities for repairing organic lesions included aging are found in cell reprogramming in vivo in animal experimentation

In vivo cell reprogramming. A major step forward in regenerative medicine

Cell reprogramming  is revolutionizing the biomedical world, not only because it can obtain cells of different tissues from pluripotent cells, but also because these cells can be genetically modified to be used for the treatment of serious illnesses or to better understand them, for the experimental assessment of drugs and also for the artificial production of organs… Read more.

Induced abortion harms women is confirmed by large studies.The need to ensure special care for these must be a priority of public health

Abortion's effect on the mother’s health and risk of death.

Bringing togthter 68 scientifcs studies about the matter and a very statistically robust systematic review has attempted to bring together these studies in order to draw …

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Paving the way of designer babies a Chinese team has managed to obtain the first genetically modified babies in the embryonic stage

The first genetically modified babies in China

A number of media outlets have reported the news: Chinese scientists produce genetically edited babies for the first time.  A bioethical detailes review appears to be necessary... Read more.

Genetically modified babies legal analysis based on UNESCO’s statutory procedures banning the germline interventions carried out in the modified babies

Legal aspects to take into account in the case of genetically modified babies in

Genetically modified babies legal analysis. Does the experiment covered in this bio-legal analysis violate bioethical laws, national or international? If so, is the reason only the Precautionary Principle?... Read more.


Mice produced form same sex parents prove the technical possibility of crossing the barriers of biiparental reproduction in mammals.

Mouse pups obtained from "exclusively" male or female pairs

In the the study quoted, fertile mice were obtained from two females, and mice from two males were born from surrogate mothers, although they only survived for two days… Read more.

New powerful single-cell sequencing tool, has begun to peel apart the precise mechanisms of how individual cells operates including life cycle mystery

Single-cell sequencing tool opens up promising possibilities in life cycle and biomedical research

In life cycle the biologic synchronous web that shape it is still a mystery, now a new avenue of research is open Every human, plant, animal and fungus is made up of an intricate amalgam of cells. Each cell type has its own unique function, life cycle, and reaction to its environment…

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Nurses treating terminal patients occupy a central position because they have the closest relation with patient and family. Requesting euthanasia dilemma

How does euthanasia affect nurses? Video

A large study published by the British Medical Journal affirms, "In ethical debates about euthanasia, the focus is often exclusively on the involvement of physicians but… Read more.

Cooperation between Science and Faith proposed for the well-being of the planet

Cooperation between Science and Faith proposed for the well-being of the planet

Pope Francis has proposed a new framework for cooperation between the two areas. During the Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences… Read more.

AI in medical care

Irruption of AI in the medical care of patients

At the moment, most health-related applications of AI are at the research or early trial stage and it is not yet clear how successful they will be in wider healthcare systems. Several areas of clinical care where AI is thought to have strong potentials… Read more.


The suicidal individuals mental suffering is not sufficiently considered by suicide prevention campaigns  

Suicide rates dramatically increased in almost all U.S. states. A new paradigm shift is needed

Suicide is not always a symptom of mental illness.  According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  is one of the leading public health problems… Read more.

The flame of respect for life has been successfully passed on and is still burning strong in France. Paris manifestation pro life take to the streets

Paris March for Life take to the streets  - Video

Thousands of protesters – 50.000 people from all France – walked through upscale neighborhoods of the country’s capital, ending the March at the Trocadero. Macron revision of French's bioethics laws makes that 2019 will be a critical year… Read more.

People would be able to enhance their thinking with a chip implanted in the brain. It is called brain enhancement device

New Brain chips to make humans super intelligent.

A recent article in The Time affirms, Up to now, we have experienced inequality in areas such as finances and opportunity. Neural inequality could be next…

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Social freezing trend in the top of the social and medical issues. Are women informed about egg freezing risks and its ethical difficulties

Social freezing trend. Fertility experts call for ditching of UK's 10-year limit on egg-freezing

Fertility experts have urged the government to overturn “discriminatory” fertility rules that require women who freeze their eggs to use them within 10 years… Read more.