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Human dignity cultural platform For a Europe faithful to human dignity aims to warn against the relativism and to awaken consciences and intelligences

“For an Europe faithful to human dignity" A cultural platform our Observatory is a member, is launched

It was launched past february 23 in Paris at the Palais de Luxembourg meeting together national organizations all around Europe. More than 300 institutions and intellectuals… Read more.

Embryo selection discrimination, discarding embryos to reduce multiples pregnancy when could choose the most suitable gametes is not an ethical practice

Children born from assisted reproduction techniques have an increased risk of obstetric and perinatal adverse effects

A recent large study confirms that children born through assisted reproduction techniques have 30-40% higher probability of suffering malformations at birth… Read more.

This imprecedented Global fertility rates declin are a major threat to generational replacement with serious medical, social and economic effects

First study to provide data on the fertility of the world population

An old population is the more worrying issue of the postmodern world. TFRs decreased in all countries and  33 countries showed a negative population growth rate… Read more.


People with biparental mitochondria have been discovered, which questioned the biological dogma that only mother's mitochondria are inherited

The scientific principle that only mother's mitochondria is inherited has been questioned

This discovery has been a shock for those fields that are based on this "dogma" of biology, such as the study of human evolution or the development of nuclear transfer techniques… Read more.

Abortions hits lowest rate. The decline in abortions was seen in women across all age groups especially pronounced among teenagers
Official Spanish abortion figures in rise. Clearly indicates that the practices proposed to reduce abortions are not effective

Abortions rise in Spain and now has the third highest number of abortions in Europe

After France and the United Kingdom. According to data made public this Thursday by the Spanish Ministry for Health, Consumer …

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Sexually transmitted infection silence epidemic is affecting the young population. Governments do not manage to stop the continuous advance

The silent global epidemic. 25% of adolescents will contract an STD before finishing high school

Only HPV infection is responsible for 530,000 cases annually and 264,000 deaths Sexually transmitted diseases are hidden epidemics of tremendous health and economic consequenc…

Read more.

cientific fraud on the rise makes the scientific research more complex and affects editors and institutions. Jama report is focused on scientific fraud

Debate on fraud in scientific papers continues.

It is a complex and challenging issue for scientific journals. A JAMA editor article titled Scientific Misconduct and Medical Journals focus on a scientific malpractice involving fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism…

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Asystole death criterion is the clue of the Spain record of transpalnt organs.Is it ethical? Does It meets international requirements of this practice?

Is success of organ transplantation “Spanish model” due to the current law of organ donation opt-out?

BMJ article titled Will an opt-out organ transplant law save lives? explains in few words the sate of the art in Spain… Read more.

Cases of children born with severe congenital malformations identified in France. The news was received with concern

Cases of children born with severe congenital malformations identified in France

41 congenital malformations identified in a region of France, the only one with a rigister of this kind…

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Cell therapy clinics fraude are cheating the more vulnerable patients. They don't need approbation of FDA which contravenes the most basic ethical norms

North America's two cell therapy companies fined for medical fraud

The Federal Trade Commission in the United States, has filed its first punitive action against two top cell therapy companies… Read more.

A group of feminist gynecologists, headed by Silvana Agatone, has launched a campaign to reform the law that protect abortion conscientious objectors

The vast majority of Italian gynecologists oppose abortion despite strong criticism from pro-abortion groups

In Italy it has been reported that it has become increasingly complicated to have an abortion, as in many regions, more than 70% of gynecologists declare… Read more.

Pig hearts transplanted in monkeys remained functional in the long term with the new technique. It is a potential solution to human hearts shortage

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