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April 10, 2019 

womb transplantation

UK Trans specialists open the door to trans women womb transplant

Ben Jones, a surgeon at Imperial and member of the Womb Transplant UK organisation is planning the first operations this year… Read more.

Euthanasia can occur without a documented evolution of the goals of care affirmed pallaitive care professionals and without euthanasia moral considerations

Euthanasia on the rise in Canada

A report that takes stock of the three years of legalization of euthanasia was recently presented in the Quebec Parliament, showing that... Read more.

Human fetal tissue debate erupted again. The Trump administration restricts the use of fetal tissues

Trump administration restricts the use of fetal tissues

National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, were informed that they could no longer acquire new fetal tissue for their experiments. Similar actions are being carried out at other North American Research Institutes…

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Euthanasia for children in Colombia

 According to the resolution published by the Department of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, minors have the right to euthanasia to die with dignity (underlined added)… Read more.

Abortion hidden face Focus on surgical abortions and give the idea that it is the main means of abortion is a wrong thinking. Where and when is the nasciturus most threatened?

The iceberg of abortion!

Public opinion frequently focuses on surgical abortions to assess the magnitude of the attempts on life…

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Organ donation system questioned. More control is needed to avoid irregularities even organ trafficking in the U.S.

A human heart for transplantation left on a commercial airliner

With organ trafficking on the rise and nonprofit institutions implicated, a recent news article published by The Washington Post…

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European-centric skew might represent obstacles to the efficacy of precision medicine and medical advice because of GWAS underrepresented populations

Large-scale genetic studies do not include a racially diverse population

The recent study titled, Missing Diversity in Human Genetic Studies, affirms that the majority of studies of genetic association with diseases have been performed in Europeans… Read more.

Cancer survivors fertility new experimentation.Immature testicular tissue from monkeys which the sperm was used to start a pregnancy and led to a birth.

A promising step to fertility preservation of childhood cancer survivors

Also, hundreds of patients whose fertility is at risk following toxic therapies would be beneficiated…

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