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Are genetic modification risks involved only with human reproductive purposes? Ethical issues entail on this practice are also approached

First genetically modified babies case in China. Bioethics appraoch after latest offical investigations

The Chinese government ordered an official investigation that has now complete the magnitude of these facts. Jiankui and his team used the CRISPR gene editing tool to inactivate the CCR5 … Read more.

Cancer survivors fertility new experimentation.Immature testicular tissue from monkeys which the sperm was used to start a pregnancy and led to a birth.

A promising step to fertility preservation of childhood cancer survivors by immature testicular tissue grafting

Also, hundreds of patients whose fertility is at risk following toxic therapies would be beneficiated…

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Genetic mutation called “De novo” mutations are mutations that do not pre-exist in the parents which it finding have been published in a study in Nature.

The father’s age may determine genetic mutations in his children that do not pre-exist in them

It is nothing new to say that the father’s age can affect the health of his children, and especially that these children may have genetic problems. This appears to be confirmed in an article published in Nature, in which the authors evaluated the existence of “de novo” genetic mutations related with the father’s age and the extent to which these …

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Although some problems are not resolved, 15 new CRISPR trials have been approved by FDA. The first ex vivo CRISPR trials approved

US authorizes the use of CRISPR directly in the patient’s body

Hopes and concerns. The first clinical trial involving the use of the gene editing tool CRISPR directly in the patient has been approved in the United States. The trial aim to treat a congenital blindeness…

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Mature gametes In vitro has been done in animals but now a Japanese group, describes the production of human oogonia from female blood cells

Eggs and sperm could be produced from female blood samples

The journal Science has published an interesting article by a Japanese group which describes the production of oogonia from female blood cells… Read more.


Cell reprogramming neurons in mice brain themself have been achieved. Having presented evidence that reprogrammed astrocytes acquire neuronal properties

Can brain damage be repaired using cell reprogramming?

Cell reprogramming. Within this field, one of the most attractive possibilities would be to replace neurons that may be destroyed in various illnesses or following a stroke. Now, a new prospect has been raised… Read more.

Prospects for HIV/AIDS patients

Lights and shadows of HIV/AIDS pandemia. UK and global state of the art and goals

One of the game changers in recent years has been pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a pill which, when taken daily by people in high-risk groups, can reduce the risk of infection with HIV…

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The extension of the policy announced by Pompeo is coherent with the public opinion trend to stop support abortion with public funds

Trump administration gives a new turn of the screw for effectively stop US aid for abortion worldwide

The Trump administration has expanded its ban on funding for groups that conduct abortions or advocate abortion rights, known as the global gag rule, and has also cut funding to the Organisation of American States - OAS… Read more.

A serious concern for science. A probably ideological or economic commitment could be the causes clinical trials results slow down

Serious concern for science. European academics are failing abysmally when it comes to reporting the results of clinical trials

An analysis of data from the European Union’s Clinical Trial Register — published in The BMJ1 on 13 September — shows that around 50% of the listed trials… Read more.


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