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Nº. 2

May 15, 2019 

Animal testing welfare.There is a radical trend that fights to stop it. Is it reasonable? A vetarinary inspector worthy experience open a door to a solution

Pharmaceutical and biotech labs open doors to a veterinary inspector

A recently published interview successfully addresses the antagonism between animal welfare and the undeniable need for animals for biomedical research.… Read more.

Arizona and Florida have declared internet PORN a public health risk

American States declared PORN a public health risk

Based on links between pornography and 'mental and physical illnesses,' among a host of other ills, Arizona yesterday also declared pornography a public health risk*… Read more.

To raise awareness regarding the topic of suicide to the public is urgent. Thirteen Reasons Why devasting effect intercepting public health crisis

"Thirteen Reasons Why" escalates rates of suicide in youth in the U.S

According to a study published in Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the Netflix show…

Read more.

Cancer centre volunteers mayor role

Role of volunteers in the rehumanization of  cancer centers

An article in The Washington Post gave an overview of the relevant protagonism in the care of cancer patients frequently silenced... Read more.

Body donation new route. The new scenario presents an opportunity for harvesting corpses but an increase in pressure to the patient and family. Assisted suicide law effects

Assisted suicide effects: "A source of good-quality organs and corpses"

When the transplant team and anatomy laboratories in search of corpses come knocking… A relevant ethical issue in transplant procedures… Read more.

Some genetists support that genetic code enterily explain the human being arrising a genetic determinism controversy that is a debate on human liberty

Can genetic factors determine people who feel happy or sad with their lives?

Can it determine the meaning of our life? One study that refers to genetic determinism was published last October in Scientific Reports by a …

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