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Which should decide when a foetal abnormality, as SD, is diagnosed in a surrogate mother, herself or the contracting mother?

Surrogate motherhood ethical dilemma. Current practice

Medical, social and ethical problems posed by commercial surrogacy in an example: Issues that can arise when foetal abnormalities are detected...

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More facts about the human fertilization process

Recent findings about the human fertilization process

During the fertilization process, a series of interactions take place between the sperm and the oocyte (egg), with the starting point of the process being the adhesion of the sperm to the membrane of the egg and the subsequent fusion of both cells, a process that involves molecular mechanisms…

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Alabama governor signs surgical and chemical abortion ban into law. It reignited abortion debate

Alabama governor signs surgical and chemical abortion ban into law

Gov. Kay Ivey signed the state's controversial near-total abortion ban. The new law is the most restrictive anti-abortion measure passed in the United States…

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The suicidal individuals mental suffering is not sufficiently considered by suicide prevention campaigns  

Why are contraceptives potential risk of depression and suicide little-recognized?

The fact that oral contraceptives can have objective side effects, especially thrombotic problems, is well proven. Now, another relevant side effect has been added: depression and suicide…Read more.

Suicide burden worlwide.It remains an important preventable contributor to the global burden of disease across all regions

Overview of worlwide suicide epidemic. Deaths from suicide rose 6.7% worldwide

Suicide has been recognized as a major public health problem by the World Health Organization (WHO). In a specific document on this issue published in 2013 (see HERE ), it proposed a plan to reduce suicides by 10% between 2012 and 2020 but…

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Withdrawal of nutrition and hydration would compromise Mr Lambert fundamental rights to life and care. This end of life paradigmatic debate continues

Vincent Lambert case reignites the end of life debate

We quote a New York Times article published on May 21 2019, "French medical professionals said that Mr Lambert’s condition had been stable for ten years and to decide in the place of people who cannot express themselves… Read more.


Regenerative medicine premature treament of cord injures without necessary safety guarantees and the use of embryonic cell has objective ethical problems

Promising new treatment of spinal cord injuries but bioethical problems should be resolved

Spinal cord injuries present the greatest medical issues in regenrative medicine. Nevertheless, progress has been slow, although there seems to be a glimmer of hope. In fact, in … Read more.

Why does Sweden hold the world record for earliest neonatal viability? A way to reach extremely premature baby survival worldwide

Smallest newborn in the world - 22 cm. Seven months later he leaves the hospital in good health

The smallest baby in the world to survive has been discharged from hospital after having reached 3238 grams in weight. The baby was born in a clinic in the Japanese city of Keio last August weighing 268 grams… Read more.

Are human rights institutions worldwide initiatives, to stop political prisoners forced organ harvesting effective? China continues leading organ transplant

China breached international law. Organs harvested from political prisoners

Obtaining organs for transplantation from political prisoners has been fundamental to maintain donor organ China's record… Read more.

Puberty suppression therapy studies concluded that it produce damages not only in genital functions.Transgender youth harmed by this terapy

Current treatment of transgender youth includes the suppression of puberty. Medical and ethical problems

Has it direct consequences on the development of the minor? We extracted a topic from a peer-reviewed large Spanish study "Diagnosis of transsexuality in minors … Read more.

Right to die questioned. The inability to witness the death of others and the obscurity of death and suffering appear to be in the base of the debate

It there a right to die and to attend the death of others?

In a recent article , Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, José Manuel Serrano asks the question of whether there is a right to die. The author concludes that “the right to die is…

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