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Nº. 3

June 15, 2019 

In past report we warning about involuntary euthanasia now assisted suicide existential suffering is analyzed as a other side effect of the law

Existential suffering and assisted suicide

Health care professionals and volunteers from a “right-to-die organization” can be the cause for the increasing in assisted suicide requests for existencial suffering people, a study concluded…Read more.

How to stop the increase of sexual crimes against children? It appears to be necesary a study about the benefical effects of sex offenders castration

Chemical castration for some sex offenders in American states

A new issue of bioethical debate raised about how to prescribe extreme sex offenders to avoid new crimes when they are released. At least eight States allow chemical castration. Now Alabama… Read more.

Burnout among physicians effects may result in high turnover, low-quality care, a high risk for errors and malpractice, and suboptimal patient outcomes

Burnout among physicians. Global study.

In a large systematic review published in JAMA Network based in Burnout prevalence data  from 182 studies involving 109 628 individuals in 45 countries … Read more.

World’s first kidney transplant from a living donor with HIV

World’s first kidney transplant from a living donor with HIV

Also short Video. Surgeons in Baltimore have performed world’s first kidney transplant from a living donor with HIV…

Read more.

Surrogate motherhood is illegal in most European countries. Heterosexual couples were the largest group to request this service, followed by homosexual men

German court said: the biological mother had no maternity rights

A top German court recommended a woman adopt her own child after she and her husband used a surrogate mother in Kyiv. With surrogacy banned in Germany … Read more.

Suicide cannot be considered therapy affirmed Health Secretary. Euthanasia drugs denied because suicide is forbidden by Constitutional laws

The German Ministry of Health stops euthanasia drugs free acquisition

In view of "fundamental and far-reaching questions, particularly constitutional questions … It cannot be the task of the state to actively support suicidal acts through … Read more.


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