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Nº. 4 

July 12, 2019 

The father of Vincent Lambert has denounced his son’s “murder” after a French hospital began removing him from basic human care. Coma patients rights

Vicent Lambert. His parents denounce the removal of basic nourishment is 'murder' 

He had almost no consciousness but could breathe without a respirator and occasionally moves his eyes. Mother and father of Vicent …

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Relationships and network influence could be the main cause of the new gender dysphoria rapid onset phenomenon in children and youth  

Parents advised to be attentive to children's relationships

"The influence of transgender friends or adults, directly or through social networks, could be an important factor for the onset of gender dysphoria … Read more.

child vaccination skepticism

Should vaccination be imposed by law or rebuilding trust between doctors-patients?

The debate surrounding the ethical obligation of universal child vaccination is sustained. Recently, an Italian child was banned from entering an educational centre because he was not vaccinated…

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Another case of brain dead gestational mother reignited the debate of brain death criteria approved to obtain more organs for transplants

Baby born to mother with brain death for three months

Talented canoeist Catarina Sequeira, 26, had been declared brain dead when she was 19 weeks’ pregnant.... Read more.

Ethical dilemmas that “intelligent machine" could present. Self-driving cars coming to the market

Ethical dilemmas that “intelligent machine" could present

A serious ethical dilemma is how to regulate the actions of the new “intelligent machines”. A specific case of this is “driverless” or “self-driving” cars…

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