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“No life is unworthy because of the mental disorder it endures”. Bioethical assessment of the Noa Pothoven case.

Bioethical assessment of the Noa Pothoven euthanasia case.

Is it a case or a trend? Are patients diagnosed with incurable mental disorder being left starving in some countries? Noa Pothoven, a Dutch 17-year-old, was left to die of starvation … Read more.

His works on bioethics applied are based on the scientific evidence that even the embryo is a member of our species with his personal condition

Cardinal Elio Sgreccia, recognized founder of applied personalist bioethics, dies

Cardinal Sgreccia was one of the greatest representatives of personalist bioethics in recent decades…

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Vincent died being left for nine days without hydration and nutrition. Death of starvation promulgated by law. Euthanasia paradigmatic case

Reflections on Vincent Lambert paradigmatic case. Death of starvation promulgated by law

Our Observatory at the Catholic University of Valencia considers that the death of Vincent Lambert following the withdrawal of hydration and nutrition is an objectively euthanasic act since, … Read more.


The study showed that this Crispr intrauterine experiment improved lung survival in the treated animals but the safety in humans still remain unknown

Promising experiment with CRISPR. It corrects a lung disease in mouse fetuses

One step forward in the possibility of applying CRISPR in utero to correct diseases. These experiments, published recently in Science Translational Medicine, are a new proof of concept of the possibility of applying CRISPR in utero… Read more.

Fetal genome anomalies Study allows to detect fetus anomalies with more exactidude and amplitude but clinical application demands careful consideration

New possibilities increase the identification of fetal chromosomal anomalies

New possibilities open up in the study of the fetal genome In a recent Editorial in The Lancet, the author discusses  fetal genome to detect if there are abnormalities t…

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Fetal tissues research bioethics statement tissue is being used for development of vaccines against the Zika virus and AIDS and in human development studies

Our bioethics statement on Trump's cuts on research with aborted fetal tissues

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has taken a new step in the fight against abortion, announcing the end of research with tissues from aborted fetuses in federal laboratories…

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Fetal tissue alternatives is a developed line of research that involves many scientists now boosted by the Administration new fetal tissue restrictions

A short review of negative and positive effects of Trump's restrictions on fetal tissue research

As we published recently  the American Administration has placed restrictions on research using fetal tissue, giving rise to a fierce debate among researchers. In this respect, Judd Deere… Read more.


AI global health strong potentials for population health, patient and front-line health worker virtual assistants, and physician clinical decision support

Artificial Intelligence (AI) bursts into the field of global health

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be very helpful in the field of biomedicine. On 1 April 2019, “The Artificial Intelligence in Global Health”  report was published…

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to increase in other countries in the near future

United States has the highest drug overdose mortality rates. Other Western countries in risk

A recent study piblished in Science Daily   found that drug overdose death rates in the United States are 3.5 times higher on average when compared to 17 other high-income counties… Read more.

Venezuela's crisis is more than political it is now a regional humanitarian emergency because of the fact that Venezuela spreads epidemics

Venezuela’s regional healthcare emergency.

A recent article published in The Lancet makes a summary of the effect of the crisis on regional health, which… Read more.

The study showed that life expectancy in the mice with Gaucher’s disease was significantly prolonged after gene therapy before birth

Fetal gene therapy technique to prevent neurological damages

In hereditary genetic diseases, the possibility of using gene therapy before birth has opened a new possibility for treating these serious diseases. Now…

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