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Nº. 5

September 4, 2019 

This study shows that some patients who are unresponsive for days or longer may have cognitive processing capabilities. A coma patients hidden consciousness

New software discovers "hidden consciousness" in coma patients

Some patients that become unresponsive following a significant brain injury retain a degree of ‘hidden consciousness’… Read more.

People with early Alzheimer's brain changes can be identified with 94% accuracy, the study found. A new Alzheimer patients positive prospect.

Blood test highly accurate. It could identify Alzheimer's 20 years before symptoms arise

"Ongoing research is changing the outlook on Alzheimer's from hopeless to hopeful" … Read more.

Initiation of cell death after anoxia or ischaemia may be much longer than is appreciated.Organ donation current death criteria questioned by a recent study
Mistakes, coercion, abuse and misleading patients can be the effects of the use of aid in dying euphemism. Physician-assisted suicide is the proper term.

US doctors confirm and clarify their opposition to assisted suicide. ‘A prescription for death’

With a large majority (392-162), the most important medical institution in the United States reiterates…

Read more.

Caspain, a psychotherapist with an esteemed reputation in the field of gender transition and gender dysphoria blocked by transgender thoughtpolice

Transgender thoughtpolice banned scientific research

When he presented his preliminary findings that suggested… Read more.


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