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demographic winter in Europe

Demographic winter in Europe. Generational Replacement levels fails

Never has it been more justified to assign Europe the classic name of “the Old Continent”. It is often said that some countries has been plunged into a worrying demographic winter in Europe of unpredictable social consequences. … Read more.

If a procedure within the scope of practice is not clinically indicated objection then it should qualify for CO. As abortion conscientious objection is

Journal of Medical Ethics article defends conscientious objection  for abortion provision

Under the provocative title of Questionable benefits and unavoidable personal beliefs: defending conscientious objection for abortion, an article in the JME journal … Read more.

Controversial case of trachea transplants performed by Macchiarini is presented as an example of clinical trials non experimentally proven

Trachea transplants. Medical and ethical assessment of Paolo Macchiarini’s experiments

An interesting article was published recently in “The American Journal of Bioethics”, that gives a brief history of the controversial trachea transplants performed by Paolo Macchiarini and his co-workers…

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Washington State is the first to legalize human composting as an alternative to a traditional burial or cremation

Washington State is the first to legalize human composting

Cremation, burial or compost. In the state of Washington is already possible to choose between these three options upon death… Read more.

If embryoids were improved to the point that embryoid entity could be considered living human individual their production would not be ethically acceptable

International discussion has been proposed about ethical use of embryoids

An article published in Nature, signed by notable personalities in the area of bioethics, discusses the ethical implications of embryoids (organoids) or embryo models…

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Desepite warnings of the scientific community researcher want produce genetically modified babies. These modifications in the embryonic state are transmissible from generation to generation.

Russian scientist is waiting for the approval of the government to produce babies with a modified genome

Denis Rebrikov, a Russian molecular biologist, has made public his intention to modify the genome of human embryos and then implant them in women to produce genetically modified babies… Read more.


Human–animal hybrid advisability debate is reignited by a new experimets with the brain of 11 monkeys to enhance their inteligence

Human–animal hybrid advisability. Human brain gene introduced into monkeys effects

Chinese scientists have recently produced transgenic monkeys by introducing a human brain gene into the animals during their embryonic development…

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Based in a large scientific study the interantional courts of sports puts an end to transsexual athletes participate in offical events

The Court of Arbitration in Sports puts an end to athlete with hyperandrogenism

Is it alone a matter of medication? The controversy is open Another social and ethical problem has arisen as a result of transsexuality…

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The use of embryos and the differentiation fate of the human cel in Human–animal hybrid for organ transplant raised serious ethical concerns

Japan approves the first human-animal embryo experiments.

Scientist Hiromitsu Nakauchi is the first researcher in Japan to receive permission from the government to create animal embryos that contain human cells human-animal chimeras and transplant them into surrogate animals for gestation, as explained in an article in the journal Nature… Read more.

HPV vaccination need. The vaccine is confirmed as being highly effective vaccine and should greatly reduce the incidence of cervical cancer

News about HPV confirm that universal child vaccination is needed

HPV vaccination need appears to be a incontrovertible medical and ethical issue. Now, a large study conducted in Scotland published… Read more.


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