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"Our findings underscore the importance of resisting simplistic conclusions" concluded same sex attraction genentics studies

A review of the relationship between same sex attraction and genetics

Much has been written about the factors that trigger same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior. The possible existence of genetic determinants that are detectable in individuals … Read more.

3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine and to produce organs. State of the art and an ethical reflection

3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine and to produce organs. State of the art and an ethical reflection

A recent article published in the Journal of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with the suggestive title 3D Bioprinting: principles, fantasies and prospects… Read more.


Syphilis wake-up call due to Europe recorded more cases of syphilis than HIV infections, mainly due to an increase in the number of cases among MSM

Syphilis epidemic in Europe. 

Syphilis cases have skyrocketed in Europe, are more common in some countries than new cases of HIV infection, according to a report from the European Centre for Disease Prevention…

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The horizon that it opens up is undoubtedly very hopeful for preterm babies therapies. An urgent neccesity to be improved

A possible clinical therapy to treat extremely preterm babies 

Prenatal medicine in extremely preterm infants raises important medical and ethical dilemmas…

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genetically modified humans. first genetically modified babies were strongly criticized by the scientific community.Now China is regulating gene editing in humans

China. One step forward the regulation of gene editing in humans

They have developed a draft of the civil code, by which “experiments on genes in adults or embryos that endanger human health or violate ethical norms can accordingly be seen… 

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Reproductive germline editing registry initiatives including all world researches to proceed with clinical applications if it is ethical acceptable

CRISPR human experiments. New global registry is proposed

World Health Organization (WHO) created an international committee of 18 researchers and bioethicists, which met in Geneva, Switzerland…

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he marchers argued that the bill supporting same sex couples IVF deprives children of the right to a father and is a new way of objectivation of the person

Massive demonstration in Paris against state-funded IVF draft law for lesbian couples.

The debate of the right of same sex couples IVF access reaches its zenith in France.  France’s health care system would cover the cost of the IVF procedures for all women under… Read more.

Assisted reproduction side effects does not show negative side effects in adulthood

Assisted reproduction does not show negative side effects in adulthood

A recent study that looked at these effects in ART- conceived individuals aged 25-35 years of age, compared with a control …

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Despite the restrictions of embryo experimentation by the Administration they used human embryonic stem cells.The aim was of interst but the means unethical

Three-dimensional models of human embryos using human stem cells

Arecent study that used human embryonic stem cells - despite the restrictions of embryo …

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Continuous scientific findings change medicine knowledge now a step for better understanding the workings prescribed drugs is commented by specialists.

Scientists discover hidden blood networks that cross through bone

That anatomy and the same science should still contain such surprises that could change dramatically our knowledge of the human body . In a paper …

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