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Nº. 8

Decembre 5, 2019 

he UN HIV target achieved by African and Asian countries could be a signal that developed countries would have more to learn than teach

Namibia's strategy to reach HIV targets will be implemented in the U.S.

 Last September, we reported that the UK has UNAIDS targets achieved: 90%-90%-90%… Read more.

Vaping related injuries

Is vaping a new dangerous drug? A short review

Two recent news articles have asked us to think about it: The first is that the prevalence of "vaping" among adolescents in the United States has more than doubled…

Read more.

Review of uterus transplant program, a medical trial with 20 transplants achieved. It opens a window for a new treatment for women severe infertility

Uterus transplant from living donors. A third baby was born

The Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas unveiled that a third baby (girl) had been born in a case of absolute uterine factor infertility… Read more.

Fallen of abortion rates,hughe public opinon movilzation and the draft law to be approved confirm that East countries have strong human life defenders

Central Europe is in the forefront of the prolife culture. Slovakia's initiative

"Tens of thousands marched calling for a total ban on abortions in the Catholic central European country", affirmed Reuters… Read more.

La medicina regenerativa y células iPS. Bancos de células iPS y la incorporación de novedosas técnicas de edición genómica, abren nuevos horizontes.

A Japanese woman has become the first person with a cornea repaired using iPS

We have published two articles on this issue, Last September, an article published in NATURE Journal… Read more.

Evidence for effective global interventions is missing.and suicide public health problem continues to be a serious health care issue that should be resolved

Suicide prevention program in Denmark obtains the best results

Suicide global crisis.One exception, the successful Danish prevention program… Read more.


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