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Nº. 9

January 30, 2020 

A short review. Coronavirus in China

A short review. Coronavirus in China

The fear is growing that a new respiratory virus, which has emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in December 2019 may become a global pandemic. Although it has spread exponentially in China, the epidemic seems to be mostly confined to China until now… Read more.

Two historical milestones of the March for life in the US: ten of thousands of students and unprecedented Presidential speech

March for life : thousands of students and unprecedented Presidential speech

We quote below what we consider most interesting in President Trump's speech because of its valuable content... Read more.

A fight that is changing the abortion access in the States

A fight that is changing the abortion access

Better part of three decades, American public opinion polling has consistently shown an increase of Americans opposed to abortion. Two opposed positions, both have a political projection that in many presidential… Read more.

A Wealthy English couple kept dead son's sperm and with a donor's egg and surrogate mother gestates designer grandson challenging the law

Donation of sperm after death in Britain

A new approach to alleviating the shortage of sperm donors was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics… Read more.

Palliative care and end of life negative outcomes

Palliative care and end of life outcomes

JAMA Surg. published a report titled Palliative Care and End-of-Life Outcomes Following High-Risk Surgery. The issue is a matter that concerns the difficulty of access to adequate palliative care even in developed countries… Read more.

New England Journal contents

The New England Journal contents influenced by ideological bent 

According to a study in the latest issue of Linacre Quarterly, the journal published more than 20 articles favorable to the use of human embryonic stem cells and more than 50…

Read more.


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