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biomedical research concerns

Biomedical research concerns in China. Lack of bioethical assessment

China's current problems related to biomedical research. In the article, the authors refer to the fact that Jian-kui...

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CRISPR gene editing applications

CRISPR promises. Some of the most recent advances 

The CRISPR gene editing tool has opened possibilities for application in multiple areas, including medicine, agriculture, and livestock. Some of his applications raise serious ethical issues, such as the possibility of altering ecosystems ... Read more.

Is there room for God in the Universe

Is there room for God in the Universe? Scientific review

On last 8 October, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics “for contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth’s place in the cosmos”…

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Biobots biological machines

Biological machines - biobots - created with animal cells. Bioethical approach

New biological entity produced by synthetic biology: Biobots.  American scientists have published an article in the journal PNAS in which they describe a method for designing completely biological machines from scratch... Read more.

Debate on heading in children's football

Scotland's ban on heading in children's football is questioned

The Scottish Football Association is expected to announce a ban on children heading the ball … Read more.

Possible consequences in medicine of clinical trials silenced in great scale

Clinical trial reporting breaks the law in Europe and the United States. 

An article in Science magazine, published under the provocative title "FDA and NIH let clinical trial sponsors keep results secret and break the law"… 

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Frauds at the highest level of scientific research

Frauds at the highest level of scientific research

Our Observatory has been reporting different frauds in scientific research Now, according to the latest news, 2 cases have involved researchers of high academic level in the area of biomedical research…

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american pro-life initiative

Missouri defends embryo’s legal status of person

Missouri is one of several American states that follow Trump's pro-life politics. Now, a Missouri representative has introduced a bill that redefines the anthropological and … Read more.

Human–animal hybrid advisability debate is reignited by a new experimets with the brain of 11 monkeys to enhance their inteligence

Monkey embryos cultured for up to 20 days for first time

Scientist Juan Carlos Izpisúa and his research team in China have managed for the first time to culture monkey embryos in the laboratory. Their aim is to be able to study stages of embryonic development that …

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Simplified version of the human cortex involved in cognition and interpretation of sensory information rises new bioetical concerns in mini brain findings

Mini-brains spontaneously produce electrical activity similar to the premature babies

"At what point can a mini-brain with brain activity be considered conscious?" Alysson Muotri, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego, and his team have improved the techniques for obtaining brain organoids … Read more.


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