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Intolerable pain is used to justify it but specialists dont think so.Euthanasia critical stance from a bioethcal point of view

Euthanasia comes to Spain. Medical, legal and social reflection

The Bioethics Observatory of the Catholic University of Valencia has drawn up a document in which we have synthetically evaluated the legalization of euthanasia  following a bill proposed by the Spanish socialist parties. About 175,000 copies of this document… Read more.

Current cosmological theories that are in the center of universe origin debate don't challenge the feature of what it means to be created

Scientific explanation of the origin of the universe. A paradigm shift: from consensus to controversy

"Our current understanding of physics allows us to reconstruct the history of the Universe from the first 10-43 seconds of existence."  In recent decades, a very solid foundation has been laid for the Big Bang theory, with evidence gathered in support of the so-called standard model, which is the best up-to-date explanation of the origin, evolution, …

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Coronavirus illegal products

The F.D.A. and the Federal Trade Commission warn seven companies over fraudulent coronavirus treatment claims

Western Governments are closely following possible abuses by pharmaceutical companies encouraged by the justified fear of the possible effects of the pandemic, now in full force… Read more.

clinical trials missing data

Federal judge rules that missing data from hundreds of clinical trials conducted in the U.S. must be turned over

We have recently published an article on the bioethical implications of breaching the laws that establish a maximum period for reporting results to clinical trial registers, in both Europe and the United States.  New potentially vital findings in the medical field are not immediately available to eventual patients… Read more.

euthanasia debate in Germany

Germany overturns ban on euthanasia and assisted suicide with a strong opposition

Germany has joined the minority of European countries that allow euthanasia. Until now, the country had banned what it called “organized medically assisted suicide”. Last month, however, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled… Read more.

Initiation of cell death after anoxia or ischaemia may be much longer than is appreciated.Organ donation current death criteria questioned by a recent study

A still debated issue: the moment of the death of a person

Determining the moment of death remains of singular importance for ethically assessing organ donation. Our Observatory has published many articles about this issue. A recent article comprehensively discusses the issue, with particular reference to a intersting law promoted in the United States... Read more.

A petition with two million signatures from citizens from different EU countries is rejected by European Court. Human embryos destruction

European Court of Justice allow destruction of human embryos for research 

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has rejected the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), entitled “One of us”… Read more.


Free contraceptives for French children at age 12

Free contraceptives for French children at age 12

Emmanuel Macron’s government wants to extend the free provision of contraceptive methods to children under the age of 15 years, according to…

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gamete donors consent

IVF embryos for scientific research. Is it necessary the consent of gamete donors to use embryos for research?

Until now, the use of the remaining IVF embryos for scientific research did not consider the consent of gamete donors when it is the case. While we disagree with the use of human embryos for investigating because it involves their destruction, informed consent regarding their "disposition" has objective ethical problems. The usual practice in these cases depends on the approval …

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Official Spanish abortion figures in rise. Clearly indicates that the practices proposed to reduce abortions are not effective

Spain Government aims that the age of 16 can access abortion without the permission of their parents

More about the new measures of the new Spanish Government who now aims to ensure that adolescents under the age of 16 can access abortion without the permission of their parents … Read more.

Suicides rates in Spain shows the highest figure recorded since 1980, when the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) began this information

Risks of suicide could be higher in medical students

Suicide is the most common, but avoidable, cause of death among young people. Appears to be that suicide rates are higher in medical students than in the general population, there are data confirming that perfectionism and intense anxiety and burnout (see our study)…

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The study showed that life expectancy in the mice with Gaucher’s disease was significantly prolonged after gene therapy before birth

Regenerative medicine. Rats' heart muscle regenerated

Heart failure is caused by injury to the myocardium, resulting in irreversible loss because this tissue cannot regenerate itself. Now, Bargehr and collaborators have managed to derive epicardial cells and growth factors from human… Read more.


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