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Nº. 14

JULY 10, 2020

Bioethics Observatory scientific publications

Vatican Opinion on gender perspective. Responding to the Timothy F. Murphy's misinterpretation published in Bioethics

A recent article published in The Linacre Quarterly, entitled "The Vatican Opinion on Gender Theory" is a reasoned response to the Timothy F. Murphy article, published in the section Guest editorial in the journal Bioethics with the title "The Vatican on gender theory and the responsibilities of medicine". Below… Read more.

Medical and bioethical current dilemas raised around the COVID-19 pandemic. Stockpiled vaccines and drugs objective risks

Ethical dilemas of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stockpiled vaccines and drugs

To assess the current status of clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine, we used a report from the …

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surrogacy commercial contract

Commercial surrogacy legalization. Bioethical and medical implications

The news that commercial surrogacy has been legalized with significant financial support by New York State is paving the way to its normalization, being a new type of commercial contract involving three parties…

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vaccination against COVID-19

COVID-19 produced with cells from induced human abortions debate

"Could be used on a temporary basis until other similar vaccines produced without the use of such fetal cell types" In recent days there has been much social debate over the morality of using vaccines… Read more.

Can we choose by genetic selection of embryos one discarding the rest Is It a eugenic practice? Our assessment from an ethical personalistic approach

Study confirms that genome editing of embryos safety problems persist

A team led by Kathy Niakan, a pioneer in genome editing in embryos in the UK, has confirmed that these techniques are still not ready for clinical use due to major safety concerns that have not yet been resolved. Genome editing of human embryos Since the new CRISPR genome editing technique was first applied to human embryos in 2015  (HERE), …

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Early gestation drinking in monkeys is the object of a large study but the study don't highlight difficulties in translating data to humans

Animal testing. Alcohol early gestation drinking affects areas of the fetal brain in monkeys

A debated topic with broad bioethical repercussions is whether alcohol intake during the first trimester of pregnancy can affect the development of the motor areas of the human fetal brain. An experimental study…

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