Remarkable reports of the first months of this year by our Observatory

Selected by Bioethics Observatory - Institute of Life Sciences editors

Bioethics at a Glance special summer issue - 2020

death by donation

"Death by donation" Harvesting vital organs from living donors

Refers to the fact that people who wish to commit suicide may volunteer to have their organs removed by a surgical procedure. Now, an article has… Read more.

Medical and bioethical current dilemas raised around the COVID-19 pandemic. Stockpiled vaccines and drugs objective risks

Dilemmas raised around the pandemic. Stockpiled vaccines and drugs

Among the many bioethical issues raised in the COVID-19 pandemic are those related to the quest for and production of vaccines and drugs for the prevention and treatment… Read more.

CRISPR gene editing applications

CRISPR. Some of the most recent advances

The CRISPR gene editing tool has opened possibilities for application in multiple areas, including medicine, agriculture, and livestock, among others. An issue that has been… Read more.

Medically assisted dying morality

Confusing terminology “Medically assisted dying” referring to euthanasia

Language engineering used around them.Two groups should be distinguished in that manipulation: a) the manipulation supported … Read more.

gender dysphoria current treatment

Deficiencies in treatment of gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria current treatment based on hormone agonists to suppress puberty… Read more.

vaccination against COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccines using cells from induced human abortions

"Could be used on a temporary basis until other similar vaccines produced without the use of such fetal cell types will be available" In recent days there has been much social debate over the morality... Read more.

Assisted reproductive technologies restriction

Restrictions in ART-IVF? A relevant bioethical issue

In an excellent review published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, entitled "Is it time to establish age restrictions in ART?" the authors address a growing modern-day medical and ethical challenge… Read more.

An innovative microfluidic device has enabled the modelling of the events that occur in human embryos

Verifying when human biological life begins

Current scientific evidence allows affirming that “an intact human embryo is created by the fertilization of an egg by a sperm cell and by the resulting formation of embryonic and embryo-surrounding cell lineages… Read more.


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