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Scientific ignorance in EU bioethical issues in UE shows a study

European public opinion on bioethical topics. Survey on education of citizens on values 

 The high rates of acceptability of issues such as embryonic gene editing for the simple modification of its characteristics, or the high number of respondents who say that the human embryo is nothing more than a clump of cells…Read more.

COVID 19 vaccines moral use. Some were produced using cells from fetuses

Moral assessment of the current use of Covid-19 vaccines

On December 21, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a Note on the morality of the use of some vaccines against Covid-19. We think it is a particularly clarifying document on their moral use...

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sedation and harvesting organs

"Sedation until death" in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for harvesting organs from patients

 News recently published has reported the existence of a protocol for sedation and harvesting organs for donation in patients diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with pulmonary failure... 

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ADN differences in identical tweens

New finding shows that some monozygotic twins have different DNA

There is a general assumption that the sequences of monozygotic twins are almost identical, but there are few studies on the subject. Now, a new study published in Nature Genetics appears to change this paradigm... Read more.

Heart cell therapies

Hopeful lines of experimentation to recover lost heart muscle and function

The aim has been to regenerate lost heart muscle to recover function after a heart attack. Strategies using adult stem cells have not shown efficacy in patients, despite positive …

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surrogacy industry in China

China's debate about surrogacy because the most popular actress abandoned two babies in the US

The increase in surrogacy worldwide is an issue that concerns bioethicists. Prosperous Chinese industry…

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contraceptives latest figures

Worldwide use of contraceptives latest figures and consequences

A recent review published in BMJ shows the global figures of these drugs and devices. In 2019, 22% of women in the world used contraceptives. In the United States, that percentage was 35%. In Europe and … Read more.

HIV rapid diagnosis

HIV rapid diagnosis. Home self-test kits available by phone and internet

FDA web has a page entitled "Facts About In-Home HIV Testing: HIV can be controlled… Read more.

Tpremature death risk

10 requirements that could reduce the risk of premature death

The "SUN Project" identifies requirements that appear to reduce premature death risk by 60% …

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HPV few vaccinations warns health care authorities

FDA has raised the recommendation of HPV vaccination to 45 to prevent the increase of the disease

HPV vaccination urgent necessity due to the severe increase of STDs in Western countries. Its efficiency is supported by a recent study…Read more.


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