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Nº. 19

February 12, 2020

Gestational surrogacy global development

Gestational surrogacy global development, who benefits, who harms? 

The debate over gestational surrogacy is on the global political and social arena (see HERE). As a result of the legalization of surrogacy in several American states and the growing …

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She warns others who feel they were born in the wrong body not to make hasty decisions especially when young and not follow sex reassignment surgery trick

Is there a transsexuality gene?

" [...] there is no specific gene for transsexuality, but there are certain brain alterations that, when they interact with hormones during fetal development, can predispose the individual to transsexualism." According to the most recent psychiatric medical criteria,… Read more.

cosmetic treatments covered by public health

Is it ethical to use public resources to finance cosmetic treatments?

An article published in BMC discusses the ethics of allocating public funds to plastic surgery. The complexity… Read more.

ethics weakness

China's continues to show ethical weakness in biomedical research with human participants

The China ethics weakness and humanitarian principles have been a continuous concern to bioethicists and defenders of human rights, now an article published in the Journal Nursing Ethics entitled Development proposals of Human Research Protection Program in China shows…

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biomedical research bias

The risk to exclude race and ethnicity in biomedical research

NEJM published an article discussing the risk of abandoning race and ethnicity in biomedical research due to "racial injustice inflicted by the use of race and ethnicity as biological constructs" to engender unfair discrimination…

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microchips with neuronal circuits

AI uses biology to improve major project enhancing computers with human neurons

"If this project is successful, it would create an unusual AI paradigm according to which biology could be necessary to achieve major AI projects." Based on a previous study … Read more.


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