An human being from fecundation, it can be killed before the implantation, during implantation or as a fetus

Right to kill, right to be killed: a moral pandemic threatens Europe

Last month we witnessed two sad events. On the same [...]

So-called human right to kill another human being: A new attack on human embryo

Report asks the European Parliament to pass a resolution in [...]

An NHS doctor has been banned from trying to save the babies of women who regret starting ‘pills-by-post’

An NHS doctor has been banned from saving babies  Last [...]

First US clinic for children with Down syndrome in the US

The current unfairness against disabled people is a bioethical relevant [...]

Unprecedented sex imbalance in India. Systematic women discrimination before birth

“Missing female births, driven by selective abortion of female fetuses, [...]

A new statement of Malta on abortion. The UE country where abortion is forbidden in all circumstances

Independent MP Marlene Farrugia presented a bill to parliament calling [...]

Texas lawmakers approve ban on abortion as early as 6 weeks allowing anyone the right to sue a provider

Legislation banning abortion — so-called heartbeat laws — are a [...]

Arizona passes a bill banning abortion and recognizing civil rights to unborn children.

Last April 27 the English paper The Guardian published an [...]