Brain organoids have been produced. A major step for the study of brain function

A group of researchers in La Jolla, California, have produced [...]

Hopeful lines of experimentation to recover lost heart muscle and function

The first trials were carried out twenty years ago, in [...]

Japan approves the first experiments with human-animal embryos in order to produce organs for transplants

Scientist Hiromitsu Nakauchi is the first researcher in Japan to [...]

Cell reprogramming of neurons, a new frontier in regenerative medicine

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North America’s two cell therapy companies fined for medical fraud. Is it the tip of an iceberg?

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A step to a cancer vaccine. A promising animal trial with autologous iPS cells

 Cancer vaccine advances A new possible use of iPS [...]

Understanding the biological mechanisms of aging. Aging retardation is achieved in mice

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Use of pluripotent stem cells in regenerative medicine. Mutation risk

It should be crucial to check pluripotent cell lines (embryonic [...]

iPS cells are also used to gain in depth knowledge of diseases. Now Parkinson disease is being more studied in depth by this technique

It appears to have been confirmed that the α-Synuclein gene [...]