Animal testing. Alcohol early gestation drinking affects areas of the fetal brain in monkeys

A debated topic with broad bioethical repercussions is whether alcohol [...]

Translating to human the findings of experiments in animals is not always feasible

A great deal of the news that reaches the public [...]

Animal testing. Regeneration of heart cells following a heart attack in mice

It is generally agreed that adult heart muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) [...]

The heart of the human fetus could starts beating earlier than previously thought

An experimental study in mice has found that the heart [...]

Study of monkey embryos development could give clues to understand human embryos after implantation

On 15 November last year, an article was published in [...]

CRISPR used to obtain single-sex offspring in mice

Israeli researchers have used the CRISPR gene-editing tool - read [...]

Pharmaceutical and biotech biggest companies open their labs to a veterinary inspector

Animals testing ethics. A recently published interview successfully addresses the [...]

In vivo cell reprogramming. A major step forward in regenerative medicine

Cell reprogramming  is revolutionizing the biomedical world, not only because [...]

Human-mouse hybrids created with sperm produced from human testicular stem cells

According to a recent article (see HERE), a team of [...]

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