Germany overturns ban on euthanasia and assisted suicide with a strong opposition

Germany has joined the minority of European countries that allow euthanasia. [...]

“Death by donation”. Harvesting organs from still-living persons

"Undergo surgery in an operating theatre to remove their organs [...]

A brief review of access to palliative care in the world. Evaluation and ethical aspects

Our Observatory is following the palliative care issue as an [...]

Vicent Lambert case. His parents denounce the removal of basic nourishment is ‘murder’

A new ruling of the French Court of cassation ruled [...]

US doctors confirm and clarify their opposition to assisted suicide. ‘A prescription for death’

With a large majority (392-162), the most important medical institution [...]

American Governement protects conscientious objection in the field of abortion, sterilization and assisted suicide

Don't miss below video "1,300 complaints alleging discrimination in a [...]

Assisted suicide last figures. 13,000 patients died in 2017

Several countries and some North American states have recently legalized [...]

Existential suffering and assisted suicide. Increasing individuals with worthy lives opt to end their lives. Why?

"Health care professionals and volunteers from a “right-to-die organization” can [...]

It there a right to die and to attend the death of others? Could be it a threat to dependent life?

In a recent article , Professor at the Complutense University [...]

Vincent Lambert case reignites the end of life debate in France and beyond

We quote a New York Times article published on May [...]