Medical and bioethical current dilemas raised around the COVID-19 pandemic. Stockpiled vaccines and drugs objective risks

Stockpiled vaccines and drugs for COVID 19 objective risks Introduction [...]

Facial recognition related to large-scale personal data could threaten the rule of law and the autonomy of the citizen

The archive of millions of personal data at disposal without [...]

Commercial surrogacy legalization. Bioethical and medical implications

The news that commercial surrogacy has been legalized with significant [...]

The Vatican Opinion on Gender perspective. Responding to the Timothy F. Murphy’s article published in Bioethics

A recent article published in The Linacre Quarterly (June 17, [...]

COVID-19 vaccines ethics debate. Cells from induced human abortions used to their production

"Could be used on a temporary basis until other similar [...]

Animal testing. Alcohol early gestation drinking affects areas of the fetal brain in monkeys

A debated topic with broad bioethical repercussions is whether alcohol [...]

Translating to human the findings of experiments in animals is not always feasible

A great deal of the news that reaches the public [...]

Disparities of health care for ethnic reasons should be resolved. Coronavirus and maternal health care data.

Disparities in maternal health care, as reported in the February 2020 issue [...]