Induced pluripotent stem cells use in the research lines of new cell therapies

In recent years, research that uses stem cells in regenerative [...]

Harms Linked to Unapproved Stem Cell Interventions and Right to Try laws

One of the great advances in medicine is regenerative therapy [...]

Hopeful lines of experimentation to recover lost heart muscle and function

The first trials were carried out twenty years ago, in [...]

Discover of the cells responsible for repairing the damage after heart attack

Last Friday Circulation Journal published an article with an international [...]

Research study combines latest advances in gene editing with the therapeutic potential of stem cells

Gene editing and stem-cells therapy to treat blood diseases Researchers [...]

Cell therapy advances. Significant improvements in infarcted mouse hearts

If mouse placental cells are administered to mice with myocardial [...]

3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine and to produce organs. State of the art and an ethical reflection

A recent article published in the Journal of Stomatology, Oral [...]

FDA wins major victory in campaign against stem cell clinics that marketing bogus and potentially hazardous products

One bioethical issue our Observatory is following is the proliferation of clinics [...]

Promising treatment for spinal cord injuries poses bioethical issues

Spinal cord injuries are the pathologies that present medical problems [...]

Cell reprogramming of neurons, a new frontier in regenerative medicine

Cell reprogramming has opened great therapeutic possibilities in medicine. Within [...]

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