US doctors confirm and clarify their opposition to assisted suicide. ‘A prescription for death’

With a large majority (392-162), the most important medical institution [...]

Vincent Lambert case reignites the end of life debate in France and beyond

We quote a New York Times article published on May [...]

Alfie Evans’ parents welcome baby boy four months after losing their firstborn

The parents of Alfie Evans are celebrating the birth of [...]

When Hospital’s decision-making affects the end of life patients basic rights. Alfie Evans case bioethics approach

New conflictive NHS hospital's decisions The new conflict between NHS [...]

Palliative care and sedation. When is it suitable to sedate a patient and when is it covert euthanasia?

A proportional sedation of intense sufferings patients totally invalidates pro-euthanasia [...]

Public opinion associates brain death with organ harvesting which could affect physician credibility

"The medical community should improve understanding through consistent, simplified language, [...]

Consciousness in patients in a vegetative state. New diagnostic test open a new window to evaluate them

It opens a new window to help to evaluate patients [...]

Death of a person based on neurological criteria. Brain death controversy

Authors object the conventional criteria of ‘brain death’ for establishing [...]

An NHS investigation has been launched following 400 accidentally switch off oxygen with patients serious damages including several deaths

A safety alert has been issued after watchdogs uncovered more [...]

Patient wakes up after being in a vegetative state for 15 years after receiving a nerve stimulation treatment

A new treatment for the vegetative state has been successful [...]

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