Latest biomedical research ethics review

Biomedical research ethical review shows exclusion of key groups Biomedical [...]

Humanitarian health response to violent conflict in the era of COVID-19

The current pandemic has highlighted the role of biopolitics in [...]

China: demographic crisis out of control

China's demographic control policy has been an issue of concern, [...]

Spot on single parent family – mother or father – as a growing trend in our societies. Children in single-parent households difficulties

It is known that several features of life in postmodern [...]

American official figures on fertility. The report shows that it has fallen to its lowest point in the last 40 years

Fertility rate dramatic drops year by year with a severe [...]

Is it time to establish age restrictions in ART-IVF?

In an excellent review published in the Journal of Assisted [...]

74,000 people have died in England waiting for social care

The increased life expectancy of the population is also associated [...]

Demographic winter in Europe. Replacement levels fails to meet generational replacement based in Eurostat’s recent data

Europe does not meet generational replacement levels, which is probably [...]

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