More countries want to regulate the use of new technologies in schools

As we explained in previous posts, big technology companies - [...]

Seattle public schools have sued several social networks for causing mental health problems in young people

According to BusinessInsider, Seattle school boards have blamed some social [...]

Is cannabis a recreational substance with no major medical risks?

A large scientific study shows the harmful neurological effects of [...]

New record of drugs overdoses death: 21 thousands, 30% more than the last year

The lack of policy of “harm reduction” concerns bioethicists and [...]

Effects of the legalization of marijuana in the United States

Marijuana uncontrollable crisis  As we know, the increase in drug [...]

Generalized addictive substances use in the United States. “Harm Reduction” into Health Policy

Should health care providers help people to use addictive substances [...]

CDC and FDA confirm 2,807 hospital cases of lung injury linked to vaping

On November 28th, 2019, our Observatory published an article with [...]

Opioid litigation in the United States. The crisis appears to be far from being resolved and deaths continue to rise

As we said in two previous articles (HERE and HERE), [...]

Evolution and bioethical issues of the drug abuse epidemic in the US

Increasing overdose deaths in the United States is an issue [...]

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