IVF embryos for scientific research. Is it necessary the consent of gamete donors to use embryos for research?

Until now, the use of the remaining IVF embryos for [...]

Missouri defends the human embryo’s legal status of person

Missouri is one of several American states that follow Trump's [...]

East European countries in the forefront of the prolife culture. Slovakia’s initiative

"Tens of thousands marched in Slovakia’s capital on Sunday calling [...]

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Concerns about latest researches by Juan Carlos Izpisua’s group

There is no doubting the importance of biomedical research carried [...]

Frozen human embryos are collapsing fertility clinics capacity of storage. Bioethical approach

Frozen embryos abandoned. Short review Earlier this year, CBS News [...]

Three-dimensional models of human embryos generated using human stem cells

The development of anterior-posterior symmetry of the human embryo occurs [...]

A possible clinical therapy to treat extremely preterm babies has successfully experimented in ovine fetuses

Prenatal medicine in extremely preterm infants raises important medical and [...]

Role of the fetal immune system in preterm labor. Upends conventional thinking about immune development

A very interesting article published in EurekAlert! discusses this highly [...]

International discussion has been proposed about ethical use of embryoids

An article published in Nature, signed by notable personalities in [...]