A bioethical issue of first relevance due to the advances in embryology and many issues related to the life and well-being of the patient.

Initiative to investigate the origin of Sars-CoV-2 without China collaboration when its government deny collaboration with new investigations

Last month, on June 18, we published an article about [...]

20 years of Human Genomics Project. Current data availability is unresolved

Human genome project delayed. This data could identify genomic sequenced [...]

Rare heart inflammation cases in youth after being vaccinated concerns authorities and parents

Vaccination of young people is a priority of the US [...]

Torrential leak from the “de identified” EHR data silo of American health care providers. Ethical perspective

Current EHR de-identified police data can affect decades of  patients [...]

Life begins at fertilization, not at 14 days. The reality of what science has been demonstrating for several decades

What experimental science says about the human embryo is fundamental" [...]

Experiments with ex vivo brain cells grown in lab for more than a year, mirror changes in a newborn’s brain

Brain organoids finding, a step to treat hereditary diseases The [...]

China’s organs transplants studies and the ethics of scientific papers

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Does science suggest a Wuhan lab leak? An overview of the latest scientific evidence

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Manipulation and possible destruction of human embryos could increase. Group of scientists seek to extend research beyond 14 days

"In vitro fertilization could be improved and it could also [...]

World Medical Association’s Ethical Code new draft would eliminate the current concept of medical conscientious objection

The global euthanasia agenda would be supported by the change [...]