A bioethical issue of first relevance due to the advances in embryology and many issues related to the life and well-being of the patient.

Deaths of young people in clinical trial of gene therapy could affect the research of this promising treatment

We have published several articles about this line of research. [...]

Stem cell therapy research without using embryonic stem cells. Focusing on induced pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymal cells

In recent years, research that uses stem cells in regenerative [...]

Designer Babies new era. A step to the ideal child

One of the bioethical issues of most importance and diffusion [...]

Epigenetics of the early development of the human embryo and transgenerational inheritance studies

Studying the possibility of transmitting epigenetic information across generations Until [...]

Patents of gene editing techniques that modify the germline of the embryo are proposed

The WHO recently made a report (read HERE) dealing with [...]

Major Advances Toward Possible Treatment for People with Autism

Good news for people affected by this chronic disease. A [...]

Debate on fraud in scientific studies continues in COVID era. A complex and challenging issue for scientific journals

"Ethical issues (eg, failure to obtain informed consent, failure to [...]

The number of people “who may have long-term effects of COVID 19 could be massive”. 50 long-term effects of COVID-19 have been reported

"The number of people who may have long COVID could [...]

China’s communist party rulers continues to block scientific research of the origin of Sars-CoV-2. What can be done?

Up to date (August 20) 2021. The Wall Street Journal [...]

Scientific institutions are implementing global safeguards to stop rogue gene-editing of human embryos. Have been effective?

"With the exception of the minority of people in the [...]